Whoops indeed. It is 19.30 on Wednesday evening and I have only just remembered that I haven’t written tomorrows blog post. Oh bugger!

I do have a valid excuse the last two weeks my health hasn’t been great, several migraines, vertigo attacks and a back that just constantly wants to be in spasm. I have been asleep most nights by 8.30pm but only sleeping 5 hours before waking up and spending several hours wondering if I should get up or lie there frustrated that I cant sleep.

Today has mainly been spent on the sofa doing some crochet as I really haven’t been up to much else. I managed to finish my Labrador that has been waiting to be completed for about a month.

I also started a blanket for a friend of mines little boy. I keep promising I will make him something and I haven’t so I decided to make a blanket. Initially I started following a pattern, made a complete hash of it and decided to just style it out. It isn’t looking too bad and I will post some photos when it is looking bigger and better.

Monday also marked 23 years since Mr Myasthenia Kid and I met. We have now spent half our lives together. Friday marks our 23rd anniversary of being together. We have never spent more than a few days apart in all that time. Even when I have been in hospital Jay has always managed to come and see me. 

So I promise next week the blog post will be better!

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