About me – the non illness version

I am a 40 something blogger, with a gorgeous hubby – Jay and our dog Dembe ( pronounced Dem-bay, from the TV show The Blacklist. It is Ugandan and means Peace) a yellow Labrador.

Before I got sick I worked full-time in retail and had worked in some capacity in retail from the age of 16.

I write as a way to vent so that I don’t bore the people around me rigid. It helps me clear my head, focus and gives me something to do every week.

My aim of the blog is to help others so that they know that they aren’t alone in their health struggles. I have lost count over the years how many people I have helped and that gives me a sense of pride. It is hard to feel that you have accomplished something when you no longer work and are severely limited in what you can do. My blog helps me as much as it helps others.

I want to thank my readers, for putting up with my ramblings and rants. You all have the patience of a saint.

Much love

Rach aka The Myasthenia Kid