Hi all,
So sorry I haven’t been updating my blog as much as last year. I’d love to tell you its because I magically got better and my social diary is full….but its not. I just haven’t felt like it. I’m having one of those phases where I’m not massively interested in doing anything. I’m not depressed just no desire to do things.

My POTS is being POTSY, up and down all over the place. Some good days some bad. My EDS is having a good old flare up. For some reason the skin on my hands is tearing very easily and I keep finding myself bleeding from a cut I have no recollection of actually doing! Very bizarre.

My gastroparesis is also on its way back in, some days I can eat twice a day but on the whole its once a day. Which isn’t helping my diet as it just puts me into starvation mode and I don’t lose any weight. I have lost 18lb since January and I am now stuck!

So whats been happening here, well hubs has now lost 36lbs since 4th January 2012. Hes dropped numerous trouser sizes. His work uniform is so large his trousers wont stay up without a belt and are affectionately known as clown pants by the staff! Hes ordered some new ones and is just waiting for them to come in.

In March he ran a 10k road race and did it in 74 mins so he was very pleased. My parents met him at the finish line. I would have loved to have been able to go and support him but I am just not able too. It was nice that they went there though. In June this year he is running a half marathon – I think hes crazy but hes up for it. He is doing really well and I am very proud of him.

I have seen a few friends and I am currently recovering from two trips out of the house last week. It has really knocked me down hard but I am hopefully starting to bounce back.

I am getting increasingly frustrated by many different things, so many times I have been tempted to write a blog post on whats annoying me but have decided against it as I don’t want to get into that whole negative pattern of thinking again.

The garden is way behind this year due to the weather we are having. As I type this we are having another hail storm. Its so cold all the time that the heating hasn’t been off which is very unusual as I normally turn it off in April.

I’m longing for warmer days and more settled weather so that I can start sitting outside!