Just a bloody awful day and no its not because I’m sick….for a change

At 4am this morning I was awoken by my husband ringing me asking me to call the police as he had been involved in a road traffic accident. He told me the dogs and he were fine but the car was on its roof. I assumed he meant he was in a car on its roof. Thankfully a few minutes later he rang back and told me it wasn’t him but the drivers of the other car who were so drunk they could barely stand.

I called the police and gave them My husbands mobile number. 4 police cars, 2 ambulances and one dog handler unit attended. I can not fault the police or the ambulance crew. All were concerned about our dogs which was very touching. The windows had smashed and they had been showered with glass. 2 dogs have been slightly injured with small cuts.

When Hubby got home an hour later I wept it was only then the full horror hit me. Today I could have become a widow. The police told my husband had he not swerved to avoid the car that was traveling on the wrong side of the road and had become airborne after hitting a grass verge, this car would have gone through the windscreen and killed my husband. Literally I was a split second away from losing the love of my life.

The car is written off, my husband is injured, my dogs are injured but they are all alive.

Never forget the most important thing you have in your life are the people you love and the people that love you. The rest is immaterial.

I hope all of you will remember this as until today I think I had almost forgotten this and been too caught up with other things.

something lighthearted ….. for a change

Thought I would post something completely off topic as its been bugging for a few days…..

So is it weird to wear a shower cap? My husband just falls to pieces whenever he sees me in it. Its pink with little red strawberries on it. I use it because I have quite long hair and if I don’t use it my hair gets soaked no matter how hard I try! So why does it have this affect on him? I know its not the sexiest little number in my wardrobe but why is it hysterically funny to him?

Next question…..Is it weird at the age of 37 to love the CBEEBIES show SHAUN the SHEEP! Its so funny. I saw it yesterday for the first time and I was crying with laughter! In fact I think I am going to sky plus it in future and watch them when I need cheering up!

So does anyone else out there wear a shower cap?
Does anyone else over the age of 18 watch Shaun the Sheep?

Have to tell you also about this blog my friend writes about his travels to work on public transport. If you have ever used public transport you will understand this! the address is http://busblogman.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/trains-tubes-and-indecent-exposure/#comment-5
Don’t be put off by the latest posting its very restrained!

If you are into creative writing you can check out this site by my BFF http://elliegarratt.blogspot.com/2011/01/top-ten-countdown-music-blogfest.html

You can also find me at twitter I go under the name of kidmorris. Just trying it out and seeing how I get on with it!