beyond my control

Due to circumstances beyond my control I have been unable to produce a blog post for you. Please accept my sincere apologies.
My hands are much improved and I will be seeing my gp very shortly to discuss the issue.
Everything else health wise is the same.
I look forward to posting next week when life’s ups and Downs haven’t interfered as much.
Rach xx

Too much pain

I can’t lie, I am struggling at the moment. I am not feeling sorry for myself because I  just don’t have the energy for it. All I want to do is sleep, sleep and actually feel like I have slept. Instead of sleeping 12 hours and still feeling like I haven’t slept.

My joint pain is up through the roof. Nothing is making a dent in it and I have quite a pharmaceutical arsenal to choose from. My hands are stiff and sore all day everyday. Typing is becoming more and more difficult. I am at a loss of what I can do. I generally feel so awful all I want to do is hide and never emerge from under the covers until the pain has gone.

I am too sick to pretend everything is ok like I normally do.

I keep pretending to everyone that I am feeling better than I was the day before. I’m not I am just getting a little more used to feeling this crappy for days on end.

As typing is currently causing me too much pain, this will be my blog post this week.

Much love

Rach x