Winter Lurgy

I have come down with a winter bug and I am feeling pretty rank. Really hot, itchy sore throat, blocked nose and aching all over. So I am not up to writing a blog post this week, so you have my apologies. I should have written it earlier but was enjoying having a couple of reasonable days and left it until the last minute – Wednesday.


So instead of a post I will share a couple of photos with you that I have taken over the last  week.

All three dogs waiting for Jay to share his food with them.

Mollie sleeping with her new ball to stop the kids stealing it.


Our Dresser has been changed over for Christmas, to all our Xmas Emma Bridgewater Pottery.

We bought some tiny lights to put on the dresser which looks fab in the dark evenings.

I did manage to spend some time making som Star Christmas Tree Toppers. I have also managed to sell one which made me feel immensely proud.

A loss for words

It doesn’t happen very often but I really hate it when it does. I am at a complete loss for words this week. There is no topic that I want to write about and no real news to tell you all.


There is a lot going on in my life but it’s not stuff I want to share as it’s not directly about me but I am impacted by it.


My current state of health isn’t brilliant I am still recovering from the trip to the Emma Bridgewater Factory in Stoke-on-Trent. I get tired very quickly and find I am out of energy most days by the time I have had a shower. I have a lot of joint pain but that is pretty normal with the change in the seasons. At the moment it’s just a case of continuing to put one foot in front of the other.


I am starting to feel a bit panicky about Christmas, normally I am finished with my christmas shopping by 10th November with it all wrapped and ready to be taken to the various places it needs to go. This year….I have bought two gifts! I don’t know what’s going on, I am just not feeling it.


So this week, this is all I can write. Hopefully next week I will be back up and running again, firing on all cylinders. I need to find those words again that are currently alluding me.