Currently we are nursing a poorly dog, Willow. We and the vets don’t know what is wrong with her, we are awaiting test results. She isn’t eating, she is sick every time she goes out for a walk and she has lost 4 kilos in weight. She was overweight to begin with so her weight is spot on for her breed now. However to us she looks skinny. It is a worrying time, as she has had cancer in the past and we just don’t know if it has returned and it’s the beginning of the end.


She is an old girl by Weimaraner standards at 11 but she is still pretty mental. She is the maddest of our three always hysterically excited to go for a walk, always first when there is food about. So to have her not herself is very strange. We probably won’t know until tomorrow afternoon Thursday 14th December what is wrong with her, well after the blog post has been published.


I try to keep busy as with so much going on at the moment it is very stressful. At the moment I have been making something just for me. A soft toy Reindeer. It is exceptionally difficult for me to make, for the second time in two days I have had to walk away from it before I lose the plot. I thought the head would be the most difficult thing to do. I did mess up the antlers but I managed to do the head without having to unpick it constantly. I haven’t managed that with the body. It is driving me nuts but I will get there. I want to be able to make things like this. It is however an enormous leap from making stars to making a Reindeer with numerous panels and darts to sew. I should have gone for something that was midway between a star and a soft toy. Once this has been completed though I will have learnt an awful lot.


I am exhausted due to all the stress and worry in my life at the moment. So I am sorry this isn’t a long post. Hopefully next week I shall be able to tell you what is going on with Willow.


Reindeer head

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