Whitsun Bank holiday

Sorry this post is going to be a short one as I am just not feeling that great.

I don’t know what it is about the first few days of meteorological summer but I am always left feeling really rough for the first few weeks. You would think with the sunshine it would leave me with less joint pain and with my spirits lifted. But over the years I have found the opposite to be true.

Thanks to Facebook memories I know for the last few years every bloody Whitsun bank holiday has resulted in me having an awful migraine. The common denominator in the last few years has been the weather, brilliant sunshine and the fact that I have spent the majority of the day in the sunshine. My Whitsun migraines are ones that even Sumatriptan struggle to shift and give me a searing pain in the centre of my forehead that makes sleep impossible and I am left feeling battered and bruised the following day.

I am still exhausted from seeing family at the weekend and the mega migraine. So much so that I have barely done a thing since, other than get dressed. Today I am still out of sorts and I am freezing cold because due to the UK’s wonderfully crazy weather we have gone from 23 degrees ( and more) yesterday to rain and temperatures hovering around 15 degrees. For someone like me who struggles to maintain their body temperature at the best of times, I was just getting used to the heat when I am back into a sweatshirt with my finger nails going blue from the cold ( and shitty peripheral perfusion due to PoTS / ANS dysfunction).  

I find any seasonal shift difficult to cope with at the best of times but this week has been a real shocker after needing fans on constantly to suddenly feeling like I could do with having the heating on or wearing several layers. Until we are in a regular weather pattern I will struggle adjusting to the heat or the sudden drops in temperature. Any swings in temperature upset my joints. So with the change in weather front coming in overnight from yesterday afternoon I was left feeling like my joints had been set on fire. It was just so uncomfortable and I really struggled getting comfortable. The joint pain only adds to the exhaustion because it is a constant battle with temperature regulation versus being able to use heat to ease my joint pain – which is the only thing that works and is not much fun during the summer months.

I did have a lovely Sunday and despite being wrecked for the last few days it was worth the trip. Dembe certainly enjoyed himself, whenever he is happy I am happy!

Post Bank Holiday

As it has been a bank holiday here this week in the UK I have only just remembered that I needed to write a blog post for Thursday….it is Wednesday at 4pm.

Over the bank holiday Jay came down with a virus ( not Covid ) – throat like he had swallowed a packet of razor blades, aching and full of cold and in the spirit of wedded bliss he has given it to me. Whilst he is now well on the road to recovery I am 4 days behind him. So the day where he spent most of it asleep, I am keeping a two year old Labrador occupied whilst he waits for his dad to come back for his dinner break to walk him as due to schedule conflicts / accident not one but two dog walker’s have let us down. It is just one of those things and it can’t be helped. It is just the day I needed a knackered pup more than most I wont have one and I feel so awful I could just cry!

I can update you on the car front we have a new set of wheels, which Jay collected last Tuesday. I have been taking HRT since 20th August and haven’t had a migraine since taking it. Which feels very strange after having three a week. This is the longest amount of time since May that I have gone without a migraine and that was just 10 days. I dont want to jinx myself but bloody hell, I haven’t missed them at all.

I can’t say I am surprised that both Jay and I have been hit by a virus with all the stress we have been under sorting out getting a car, dealing with the insurance, solicitors etc. It was going to come out one way or another. The only good thing is that I have lost my appetite which I have to say rarely happens.

Over the bank holiday weekend I got some crochet done and have manged little bits here and there over the weekend. I have to be careful due to the injury to my neck caused by the crash and not upsetting the nerves which make my hand go numb. I have a physio appointment scheduled for next week.