Some light relief

I am sure many of you are at the point where you just need a break from the C word ( Covid-19), some light relief as it were. The situation  has everyone at breaking point, even those who don’t suffer from anxiety are starting to suffer with insomnia or anxiety. So this week I thought I would show you some of the upcycling projects hubby and I have been doing since he started his 12 weeks working from home. We are using these projects to keep busy and to stop the anxiety getting out of control.

The first project we tackled was his chest of drawers. We bought these from Facebook Market place around two years ago. They were a disgusting beige colour and had been upcycled quite poorly by the person selling them. The top of the chest of drawers hadn’t been waxed or varnished and nor had the handles. We decided to continue the blue theme of his room and do them in Vintro Paints Northern star. It is such a beautifully pigmented paint, the colour is just so deep. I really am in love with them. We decided to dark wax the top and the handles which really makes the blue of the unit PoP! Sadly I have no before photos.

Spurred on by the success of this chest of drawer unit, we decided to start on my bedside cabinets. I bought these from the Devon Air Ambulance shop around a year possibly two years ago with the intention of upcycling them. Life got in the way as usual and they stayed a horrid orange pine for longer than intended.

We decided to sand the top and stain it with the dark wax. We then used Vintro Paint in the no seal chalk paint range, the colour was Beau Blue, then it was sealed using Vintro’s Extreme Matt Lacquer.

We had two of these to do and I really can’t get over the difference, from orange and dated to a thing of beauty. I also took the opportunity to wax the runners of the drawers. The drawers have wooden runners that were a little stiff, I remembered years ago reading about how to ensure they run smoothly by running a candle over them. I had an old candle knocking about so gave both units a good run over and the drawers come out so smoothly now I am in danger of whipping them out of the unit completely!

The next thing we tackled was the huge pine book case from the lounge. For this one we used Frenchic Furniture Paint in Duckling from the Alfresco range and used the Frenchic Browning wax on the shelves. Whilst Jay did that, I did a small pine unit that sits behind the front door. On these items we decided to use a gloss paint foam mini roller to give the items a smoother finish. Although the paint is self levelling (both the Vintro and the Frenchic ) if applied too thickly you can end up with brush marks. By using a roller it eliminates these, you just have to be careful that you don’t get a build up of paint on the edges of the furniture. By using a brush you can remove these quite easily.

We had a break for a few days before starting the Tv unit. I wanted that unit done so that when I looked down that end of the lounge all that furniture was completed. I have hated this TV unit for so long I ca’t remember a time when I actually liked it! Now thanks to its transformation I love it again.

Then I did a little tiny project all by myself, a cheap Amazon pine table that was at least 5 years old. That was desperately needing some love. This one had the top sanded, then one coat of clear wax, followed by a coat of dark wax ( Frenchic ) followed by another coat of clear wax ( by Rustoleum ). I then painted it in Frenchic Furniture paint ( Lazy Range ) in Wolf Whistle. I have fallen in love with this colour!

All the furniture has been given a final coat of Vintro’s Extreme Matt Lacquer to ensure it can stand up to normal life in The Myasthenia Kid  household.

We still have lots of furniture to paint / upcycle and these pieces have been done over the last 3 weeks, with lots of rest days in between. Neither of us can believe how good these pieces of  furniture look now that they have had a bit of TLC. I had an inkling a lockdown maybe coming so bought all the paint in the weeks before so that should it happen we would have all our supplies here.

Just for clarification I have purchased all these products and none have been gifted to me. We really aren’t that lucky! There are lots of other brands of paint out there these are just the two I like to use for our projects. 

Having the furniture to paint has helped give Mr Myasthenia Kid a much needed routine and hasn’t allowed for anxiety to kick in. We have had a wobble over the weekend where he talked about going back to work. I quickly convinced him that it wouldn’t be happening! 

Dembe has been brilliant whilst we have been working out in the back garden. He just sits on his chair and goes to sleep.

Websites for the paint


I know I am not the only one who is suffering through lack of sleep at the moment. My news feed is full of people all saying the same thing, wide awake and can’t settle down to sleep or wide awake at 3am with heart racing mid panic attack. This virus is doing a number on all of us, mentally and physically. Add in a dog that is refusing to accept the clocks have changed and is waking you up at 5am most mornings and you have me 

On top of not sleeping it has also been a busy few days for me as I started making masks due to friends and family asking me if I would. Initially I was reluctant as there seemed to be very clear advice coming from the medical profession and the government in the UK saying that they weren’t effective. However over the last few days a few studies have been published looking at the effectiveness of home made masks and they have said that yes they do work. They do need to be made from quilters cotton and a double layer of fabric. The ones I have been making also have a pocket in the back so you can add in a filter – either a proper mask filter or any unwoven material will do.


It has been a non stop mask making factory here for a few days and I have pushed it beyond what was sensible so I have landed with a bump today. Utterly exhausted, short tempered  and feeling very fed up.  I also feel like I haven’t accomplished anything which is utterly ridiculous as I have supplied friends and family with washable, re-usuable masks in an attempt to keep them safe . So why is my brain making me feel so bad??? It makes no sense I should be walking on air. Especially since I have had such lovely feed back from those that have received their masks. I think it is  a mixture of anxiety and sleep deprivation.

After finishing the masks this morning I have just hit a wall of fatigue. It is frustrating as I want to do stuff but the mental and physical fatigue means if I do try to do anything I will make a complete hash of it so it is better to just rest for the remainder of the day and not feel the urge to complete / do stuff to feel worthy. The masks were enough and the last one today was an endurance challenge just because I was so tired and it was beginning to affect my vision.


I did wake up this morning feeling really down in the dumps which is unusual for me. I think it is a mixture of a lot of things, Covid-19 and the anxiety it induces, the fact that our first holiday since 2006 has been cancelled, not sleeping, my routine of 12 years up in the air due to hubby being home, no time to myself, not being able to see people ( not that I saw them a lot ) just so many different things. We are incredibly lucky and I do know that. We haven’t got to worry about money, Jay has a job and is being paid. So many people don’t have that currently. Our mortgage will be paid along with our bills. So many of my friends are struggling having been made redundant or losing customers as they are self employed. I know that we are very fortunate but like a lot of people I am finding this new normal very weird and taking some time to adjust too.

I’m writing this to let you know that if you are feeling any of these things it is totally normal. It is a totally bizarre thing that we are going through all over the world at the moment. It is natural for us to feel out of sorts, unable to sleep etc at times of stress. 

I know it isn’t a massive post this week but I am dead on my feet, there is nothing left in the tanks. If I knew it wouldn’t interfere with me sleeping tonight, I would be in bed already!

Crazy times!

This is my mini quilt that I rushed to put together on Sunday morning. Here in the UK we are placing rainbows in the window, so that as people walk past on the daily exercise out of the house if they aren’t shielding, it makes them smile. I love it when people are walking past stop and look at it – hopefully they aren’t looking at it saying it is crap but looking at it and smiling!