The last Bank Holiday of Summer 2021

The last bank holiday of summer has been and gone, (celebrated in England, Wales and Northern Ireland), for many it signals the end of Summer and the start of Autumn. I can’t believe it is September already, the weather is certainly letting us know it is by being markedly cooler. In some ways this year has whizzed by and in others it has crawled. It has been a strange year here at the Myasthenia Kid house, full of sadness and wishing that things could be different. It has been 8 months of constant change and things don’t look very settled for the future either. Some days it feels like you are in the eye of the storm and others that you are on the outside edge of it looking in. All I can do is be there for those that need me and hope that it is enough.

The one bit of good news is that my headaches / migraines have eased up ever so slightly over the last week ( runs around furiously touching wood). Dare I say it I have had a couple of headache free days. Which is a miracle after the last 4-6 weeks. I did end up with a bad head last Sunday evening, mainly due to the fact I was out in the sun all day with no hat on ( my own fault I forgot to bring it with me) and I was probably a bit dehydrated as I just didn’t drink enough during 5 hours that we were out. It meant I ended up going to bed very early and the following day I had issues with my blood pressure being very low. As soon as I had drunk enough I started to feel much better.

I ended up increasing the amitriptyline I take for nerve pain last week and that seems to have helped knock the headaches back a bit. I can still wake up with a sore neck and head but with a hot water bottle applied for an hour or so it does ease up considerably. I always try not to take medication unless it is absolutely necessary, which probably sounds ridiculous with the amount of medications I have on repeat prescription. I am always concerned that the Sumatriptan will stop working so I always try to head off a migraine before it is needed. Sunday night I ended up taking it along with 3 soluble aspirin and paracetamol as per the protocol I am supposed to follow. When I have a particularly vicious migraine this always helps massively. I have now started using the 3 soluble aspirin and paracetamol when I have a bad head that is not quite a migraine, that’s usually enough to clear it. I am hoping now that I have got on top of the headaches / migraines now I can slowly put an end to this debilitating flare up that came out of nowhere.

As I said earlier we all went out together as a family on Sunday, me, Mr Myasthenia Kid and Dembe. I do love it when we can escape our four walls every now and again. People don’t realise how small your world can become when you are pretty much housebound. A change in scenery always does my soul good, we travelled down to see Mr Myasthenia Kid’s mum and catch up with some family who were also dropping by. I saw one of my nephews who I hadn’t seen in such a long time over ten years. He is so tall now and what a good looking chap he has turned out to be. He was busy organising the cutting of Nanny’s lawn with the petrol Lawn mower by another of my nephews. Jay and his brother and my niece were cutting the front hedge. Whilst me and my sister in law tackled some brambles with secateurs and supervised the dogs. We got torn to shreds as we didn’t have any gloves. I didn’t even realise I was bleeding until I noticed the handle of my secateurs were wet. I ended up covered in plasters. It amazed me how much everything had grown in the few months since the last time I visited at the end of May.

It is a really lovely garden and Dembe loves running around in it. Quite often we will catch him doing Labrador zoomies by himself out there. The garden is a little sun trap and gets the sun all day long, so I am gutted I forgot my bloody hat! I have never really done any gardening before, I have popped a few plants in a pot and weeded from time to time but I have never done any real cutting stuff back or pruning out the dead wood from shrubs. I actually found it rather therapeutic and it is handy that quite a bit of it can be done sat down. I did pay for it on Monday and Tuesday but like most people who are chronically sick you don’t mind having a few rough days if you have actually done something to warrant it. It is when your health takes a nose dive and there is nothing you have done to trigger it that you get angry / frustrated.

Thanks to the bank holiday I will be completely thrown out for the rest of the week. I wont know if I am coming or going or what day of the week it is. I see Mr Myasthenia Kid has started getting the bins ready for Thursdays collection ( I am writing this on Wednesday) I will have to break it to him gently that due to the bank holiday Monday the bins wont be collected until Friday. Plus with Mr Myasthenia Kid not working a late today like he normally would that will really make my head spin and I will not have a clue what his shift pattern is until I am in front of a calendar.

The next bank holidays in the UK won’t be until Christmas (I do believe we need more between September and March) as Mr Myasthenia Kid has a generous annual leave provision he has another two weeks of holiday booked between now and the second week of November. His first week is at the end of September around our 21st Wedding anniversary, I am struggling to comprehend that we are 4 years away from our Silver Wedding Anniversary ( 25 years ). He has another week booked off for our birthday at the start of November. So it isn’t too long at all until I will have some company for a week during the day. With Covid and lock downs it has been more isolating than usual, which is why I enjoy visiting Nanny Morris and catching up with Jay’s family so much.

Recovery is dragging

I wrote last week about the consequences of going out and I clearly didn’t have a clue how bad things would be as I am still suffering after my day trip. I think maybe it is just rotten timing that ever since I have been feeling very tired and run down. This last Monday I ended up with a hideous migraine that knocked me flat on my back for over 12 hours and had Mr Myasthenia Kid have to come home from work to look after me. I am glad I am out the other side of that but it has shocked me how battered and bruised I am still feeling for having a few hours out of the house.

I am guessing having a solid six hour block of socialising, driving a scooter and having to use a lot of brain / muscle power probably wasn’t the best idea. The longest I am normally out for is probably 90 minutes at an absolute push and that will leave me more exhausted for normal for up to two days after. My days when I don’t leave the house are in cycles of rest and activity. I have to pace myself or I end up paying for it. It hasn’t helped that there have been appointments that I have been unable to not attend – ringing up and explaining to the receptionist that you need to re-book because you are shattered never goes down well. There isn’t really a word in the English language that accurately conveys the level of exhaustion because we overuse words like fatigue, shattered, tired etc. For me it gets to the point where I can feel like I am having an out if body experience or that I am dreadfully hungover combined with feeling so utterly exhausted it can be really hard to motivate myself to move. 

I have been on my embroidery machine and sewing machine a lot as I am making Christmas gifts for friends and family. I know it is only October but I get panicky if things aren’t made and then I start to feel stressed which means I no longer enjoy making the items. At the moment I have been limited to an hour or two a day, which doesn’t help me get loads done but it is the longest I can sit without the pain becoming so intense that I have to lie down the rest of the day or concentrate for. Obviously on the embroidery machine when it is stitching out I don’t have to concentrate on anything but I do need to be switched on enough to know what step comes next as for the first time I have been using the embroidery machine to do applique and I am really enjoying it.

I know I should have taken it easier last week but even after 12 years I think I can push it and there will be no consequences. I never ever learn. Maybe I simply refuse to.

This week my body has just thrown a hissy fit and ensured that I can’t carry on ignoring it when it sends out distress signals. Every bloody condition I have is flaring out of nowhere – Hidradenitis Suppurativa two abscesses after at least a month to 6 weeks without anything, Arthritis hands as stiff as can be, Nerve Pain left leg is burning which it hasn’t done in years, Tinnitus (so loud I am struggling to hear anything else) Migraine and now a headache every day since, nausea, IBS, adhesion pain, Muscle Spasms in my back and feet you can always guarantee will make me swear like a sailor literally everything is kicking off at the moment. I always find pain adds considerably to the fatigue. 

This isn’t a woe is me post or an attempt for sympathy, I am just explaining how things are at the moment and why at the moment I am struggling to come up with dynamic or scintillating posts. I am finding it hard enough to follow a conversation let alone put an intelligent blog post into words.

I do count my blessings though, Dembe is my hero. On Monday when I was so sick with my migraine he wouldn’t leave my side at all. I thank my lucky stars I have him as even on the days when I am really suffering and thank goodness they are few and far between he is stuck to me like glue and always makes me smile.

So I promise to attempt to be kinder to myself over the next week and get back on an even keel.