Health Update

After last weeks post Spondylolisthesis my back improved massively. Just yesterday I was considering dropping taking the naproxen as it hadn’t caused me any issues at all for a number of days, then I woke up this morning and bang the pain was back.

I have pushed through as much as I can today but I had to give up at 14.30 and take some diazepam. The muscles of my backside are really tight and sore. When they are like this it is a symptom of the Spondylolisthesis, it aches down the back of both my thighs and no position is comfortable. Standing feels like someone is kicking me in the arse, sitting makes my buttocks ache and I get severe pain in my coccyx. If I could lie down knowing that by doing so I wouldn’t be woken up at 2am by my back throwing a tantrum I would. So at the moment my only relief is by having a hot water bottle applied to my back ( far too hot ) and regular changes in position which makes doing anything difficult because those changes need to be made every ten minutes or so.

If I knew why my back had kicked off so much today I would be happier, I didn’t use my sewing or embroidery machines at all yesterday. We had a relatively lazy day but even in that we were moving around and I certainly wasn’t static for hours at a time. Which I know does cause me issues, so I am at a loss. I have avoided all the things I am supposed to like lifting – can’t do that anyway, staying static for too long. All I can think is that I have turned weirdly in my sleep and hyper-extended my spine and it is letting me know today that it didn’t like it.

I have always found wherever possible distraction is the best possible thing to combat pain but some pain is just so strong that no amount of distraction can stop those nerve signals being acknowledged by your brain. That is why I like sewing / embroidery / crochet as it means I can distract myself most of the time but today it hasn’t mattered what I have done those pain signals are just getting stronger and stronger. I am very glad that we now have a dog walker who takes Dembe out for an hour when Jay is on a late night as it means Dembe settles very quickly in the evening and I will be able to go to bed and attempt to get comfortable relatively early on tonight. Rather than Dembe needing mental stimulation for 90 minutes or so, to tire him out and get him to wind down for the day. 

Much of the last few days has also been spent on high alert as from now until the 23rd (ish) I am on migraine watch. This week of the month is usually when it strikes. Yesterday ( Tuesday) I was convinced it was going to be today as I was starving hungry all day with nothing satisfying me. I am still trying to work out what the signals are that I am going to end up having a migraine but there is nothing I can say is 100% concrete that is a definite clue that it is going to happen. I have noticed mood changes the day before, hunger and sometimes the evening before my vision goes a bit weird. However it doesn’t happen on each one, which means sometimes these things happen, I get frightened because they have been so bad and then nothing. Which is exactly what happened last night. 

I am a few weeks into the Migraine Clinic protocol and they advise that you really need to have been doing it for around 3 months before you can say if it has had any effect on your migraines. You can find the protocol HERE. So it is too early to say at the moment, also I have been known to skip a months migraine and have it two weeks later so a cycle of 6 weeks rather than 4 weekly. That is the major issue I won’t know when the next one is coming. I have worked out that dehydration is a trigger but it is a rare trigger as due to my excessive thirst I do tend to drink much more than the average person. The day in question when I did suffer a migraine it followed a day where I had been drinking alcohol from around 2pm in the afternoon (Cider at 4% so not the hard stuff). Because I didn’t have any additional fluids I am pretty sure that is what triggered that one and I had to use my emergency meds. I was very grateful that I did have my grab bag made and everything in one place as it meant I could take the meds and get my head down.

I have been religiously taking my supplements and even managing to remember to take the midday dose of the one I have to take three times a day. A new alarm on my phone helps me remember!

As sitting is literally a massive pain in the butt and I am having to type this sitting down I am going to wrap this up now. Plus I took half a diazepam about an hour ago and that starts messing with concentration levels. Plus I want to tidy up a bit before Dembe gets back from his yomp on the common!

Latest Makes

It is one of those weeks where stuff is going on behind the scenes that is private stuff. I share as much as I can on the blog but I am human and we all need some element of privacy/ Everything is ok with Mr Myasthenia Kid and I and of course our beloved Dembe. So don’t go worrying about us, I am just not in the mood to write a blog post, like I normally would so I thought I would share with you a few of my latest makes.

I have been searching for a lampshade for our landing for ages, years probably but just couldn’t find anything I liked. I found out that you can buy kits to buy lampshades so I had a look at the website ( if anyone is interested ). I watched the video that accompanies the kit a day or so before hand and then gave it a go. I deliberately made sure that I didn’t rush and that I followed all the steps laid out in the colour instructions. Plus Jay aka Mr Myasthenia Kid was on hand to help when I needed it. I have to say I am ridiculously pleased with it. The fabric is Liberty called Conservatory Fruits, I bought half a metre of it last year because I liked it but had no clue what on earth I would do with it. Then I decided this was the project it was destined for. Is it sad that I am just thrilled with my work?

I have also been plodding away on a Christmas quilt I am making for my physiotherapist. I do a block every so often . I have just managed to complete the biggest block ( which is made of 4 smaller blocks ). I have also managed to get over my fear of metallic threads by switching to a totally different brand and the difference has been night and day! So I have managed to incorporate it onto this quilt.

I also have been brave enough to go back to my blanket that I am crocheting, it is the most complicated piece I have done – it is an intermediate level pattern and I am not ashamed to admit I have probably tried to run before I can walk with this one! More than once it has been shoved into a bag and left in the cupboard for weeks at a time.

The blanket is made of 12 squares, numerous triangles and Octagons. So I am trying to slowly make my way through the squares.

I also finished this shawl in the last week, I tend to crochet when I am in bed or too ill / sore to sit at the sewing machine.

I really enjoy crochet as I find it really relaxing and almost like meditation. 

I’m pleased I have been able to continue with my crafts during the lockdown as I think it would have hit my mental health quite badly if I hadn’t have been able to. I have still been making masks as and when I can.