Life being conducted from the confines of my bed!

So as you have probably realised from the last few entries of my blog, life well actually my health is on a bit of a downwards slide. Since Sunday I have been pretty much confined to my bed, walking, sitting and standing have become increasingly painful. I have one diazepam left and that will be taken when I can no longer stand the pain. However if the pain increases much more it will be taken sooner rather than later.

When I am walking I am finding it extremely difficult to weight bare on my left leg so I am now using my zimmer frame! Normally I furniture surf, but that requires two weight baring legs. Thankfully hubs is home so if I need things fetched from one room to another I am not completely stuffed. Holding onto a zimmer frame and carrying a cup of tea just doesn’t work!

Lying still is the only way to keep my pain at a level where I can tolerate it. I am pretty confident due to the loss of power in my left leg I have a nerve being compressed. I also have a deep ache in my left thigh which feels like its burning deep within the muscle. I know that this is the sign of an irritated nerve as I have suffered with this since my back injury in the exercise class more than ten years ago. Its not massively serious as I still have control over my bodily functions. If I lost those then I wouldn’t be typing this but taking a ride to the local hospital in an ambulance.

Paracetamol and tramadol are being consumed like sweets in this house at present. I have just hobbled to the bathroom to slather on more ibuprofen gel in the hope it will add to the level of pain relief circulating within me. The chili cream and I are  not getting on. Its not supposed to be used on broken skin, the area I need to apply it to has broken skin. I probably have an EDS related skin condition called Elastosis Perforans serpiginosum, its previously been misdiagnosed as ringworm – those treatments don’t work and eczema its not that either. EPS, is a condition where the collagen is being broken down and pushed to the surface of the skin. More joy and yet another condition that will probably take me a while to have recognised as again its quite rare. It doesn’t hurt, its prickly and a bit itchy. Its main issue for me is that cosmetically its not very attractive as when the area heals it scars leaving the skin darker than my normal skin tone.

Also the chili cream is leaving red blotches over my skin where its been applied. I am also having problems when showering the chili cream is being reactivated when coming into contact with water. It doesn’t matter if the last time I applied it was 8 hours before, it still burns my skin. Its like eating the hottest curry you have ever eaten, you know eyes streaming, the inside of your ears burning and having that effect on your skin. I also had an accident with the cream last night. Despite washing my hands thoroughly after applying it I managed to get some in my eye. Not a joyful experience! In future I will be extra careful.

Although movement is hurting I am still trying to move around as much as possible once the pain medication has kicked in. I know its important to keep the muscles strong, its a vicious circle. So for the last two days life has mainly been conducted from my bed. Thank god hubs has been home to look after me and that I have the Internet to rant and rave on.

So I don’t want this post to sound all negative as although I have been in a lot of pain I have still found things to enjoy. One of those things was finding out that my blog had over 1500 hits and the majority of those hits have come since February 2011.

I know many people read a blog  and don’t leave comments but can I ask a special favour as a one off? If you are a regular reader could you just leave a comment even if it just says “hi, I read your blog and I live in the USA etc” It would be really nice to kind of gauge how many of you are regulars and how many just stumbled across me one day. I know its quite a big ask but it would really make my day and I don’t ask for much! LOL

Rach xx