Birthday Week

It has been our birthdays this week, so all my routines are out of whack! We have managed to enjoy ourselves despite the imminent lock down happening, well on the day this blog post will be published.

Mr Myasthenia Kid is on holiday this week so managing to mostly avoid the pandemonium which is his workplace at the moment whilst the panic buying has begun again. 

I am absolutely shattered after two days of celebrations, I am getting too old for this shit. It was great seeing a few people, who made our birthdays really special – hilariously Mr Myasthenia Kids mum forgot it was his birthday. She rang to speak to him and he thought she was ringing to say happy birthday!

We had some lovely gifts, lots of cards and many many wonderful messages.

I made the Happy birthday banner a while ago, I am rather pleased with it. It will be out again on 16th November when it is Dembe’s 2nd birthday. How can he be two already ? It is just crazy how quickly that has gone by. His dad and I are still deciding what we will be getting him for his birthday!

Exactly a week after my birthday it will be my dad’s 70th birthday, due to lock down I won’t be able to spend it with him which is sad. I will speak to him on the phone and possibly video call him.

The favourite gift I got Jay and the one I nearly accidentally told him about on numerous occasions was his personalised Labrador print.

It says at the bottom Wet Kisser, Body Wagger, Toy Bringer. I wanted it to say Wet Kisser, Bed shagger, Toy bringer but decided it was too rude and could be embarrassing when we have visitors, although it is highly unlikely the vicar is likely to pop around for tea any time soon.

Anyway it is just a short post this week whilst I am recovering from our birthdays.

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