apologies for the absence of a blog post

My apologies dear readers for the lack of a blog post, I had a topic all lined up and then yesterday we were all involved in a road traffic collision ( me, Mr MG Kid and Dembe). My boys were shaken but uninjured I however probably due to Ehlers Danlos syndrome I ended up spending 7 hours in two different hospitals being checked out.

I am battered – I would say bruised but currently cant see any. I have got whiplash and soft tissue damage. At the moment moving my arms is painful and moving my head is grinding the bones in my neck.

It is just infuriating as this is the second time in 9 years ( can you bloody believe it? ) that we have been the victim of someone else’s piss poor driving. In 2011 hubby was badly injured and are car written off by a drunk driver in a stolen car.

On top of that we missed Dembe’s graduation from his obedience training class, which is something we can never get back. It probably sounds silly to many of you but we don’t have kids, Dembe is our baby and we have put a lot of work in to get him to this standard. However I am forever grateful for the video the dog training class provided at the graduation “ceremony” and everyone’s well wishes.

So when I can type for longer without pain I will be back!

Short and Sweet

I am keeping things short and sweet this week as I am really feeling quite rotten at the moment. I

The good news is I managed to go from Wednesday last week until Monday this week without a migraine. The sumatriptan worked well and halted it. I did ensure I rested for several hours rather than power through as I had done the week before as that seemed to bring the migraine back after two hours. Despite the pain of the migraine being removed I was left with a bad headache and feeling exhausted. I have noticed as well that I am getting a lot of gastrointestinal symptoms when I am having migraines and they can hang around for  a few days following the migraine. It is like a mixture of IBS and adhesion pain all rolled into one. I ended up missing dog training on Tuesday as I had been utterly wiped out by the migraine and my abdomen was incredibly painful. I  was running on empty and I just couldn’t put a brave face on and pretend that I was ok. When I felt like I was going to hurl or have the shits at a moments notice, especially as there are no toilets at the dog training centre.
I am gutted that I missed the training session, thankfully the lady that runs it along with her husband very kindly sent me lots of videos via Facebook chat ( used to be messages ). Which made up for not seeing what they were doing. They had a brilliant training session and I am so very proud of them both.
Today ( Wednesday ) I have woken up with the same IBS issue and waves of nausea again. I also have vertigo which is just fucking super! Like I needed anything else added into the mix. It couldn’t have happened on a worse day as I had an electrician here for 90 minutes to fit an outside electrical socket as we are getting a hot tub this week ( fingers crossed ). The hot tub has been purchased as a) we have wanted one for around 17 years and b) I need it in the ongoing battle to relieve the terrible muscle spasms I have. We got rid of our bath over ten years ago and I miss it. Not enough to get another one put in, although the thought has crossed my mind more than once! I found it difficult to climb over the side of the bath without assistance  when having a shower. I wish that our bathroom was big enough to have a separate bath and shower but hey ho it isn’t. So I am hoping the hot tub will help when I have awful muscle spasms and nothing else will help. It will only be up during the summer months ( that’s the plan for the moment but that may change).
I had to get up at 5am this morning to ensure I had enough time to sort myself out without killing myself. It has now just gone 11am and I am fighting the strong urge to crawl back to bed. Dembe is on the sofa beside me snoring his head off. He decided that he must guard his mum when the electrician was here, so all his bum hair went up and he was a bit barky! Im quite jealous of the fact that he is asleep!

 Due to the fact I am feeling so awful, as I said in the title of this piece I am going to keep it short and sweet.