apologies for the absence of a blog post

My apologies dear readers for the lack of a blog post, I had a topic all lined up and then yesterday we were all involved in a road traffic collision ( me, Mr MG Kid and Dembe). My boys were shaken but uninjured I however probably due to Ehlers Danlos syndrome I ended up spending 7 hours in two different hospitals being checked out.

I am battered – I would say bruised but currently cant see any. I have got whiplash and soft tissue damage. At the moment moving my arms is painful and moving my head is grinding the bones in my neck.

It is just infuriating as this is the second time in 9 years ( can you bloody believe it? ) that we have been the victim of someone else’s piss poor driving. In 2011 hubby was badly injured and are car written off by a drunk driver in a stolen car.

On top of that we missed Dembe’s graduation from his obedience training class, which is something we can never get back. It probably sounds silly to many of you but we don’t have kids, Dembe is our baby and we have put a lot of work in to get him to this standard. However I am forever grateful for the video the dog training class provided at the graduation “ceremony” and everyone’s well wishes.

So when I can type for longer without pain I will be back!

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