I will hold my hands up and just say it…..sorry! Due to having a migraine Monday and again Wednesday I simply forgot to write a blog post. It briefly skipped across my brain late yesterday and I thought yep I will do that and that’s as far as I got.

I’m still feeling pretty rough at 6am Thursday morning the day that this should be published. The sumatriptan works brilliantly in halting the head pain but it doesn’t stop all the other stuff that comes with them. The fatigue, the hunger that you just can’t satisfy, the neck and head pain – occipital neuralgia¬†, the confusion just to name a few.

I may have just been very unlucky this week or I may have worked out that Dairy and Alcohol are two triggers. Both of which I am unhappy about. So now I am going to be on a detox diet from both, reminding myself when the craving strikes that both trigger migraines…..possibly.

Apologies I don’t have more for you this week.

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