Latest Makes

It is one of those weeks where stuff is going on behind the scenes that is private stuff. I share as much as I can on the blog but I am human and we all need some element of privacy/ Everything is ok with Mr Myasthenia Kid and I and of course our beloved Dembe. So don’t go worrying about us, I am just not in the mood to write a blog post, like I normally would so I thought I would share with you a few of my latest makes.

I have been searching for a lampshade for our landing for ages, years probably but just couldn’t find anything I liked. I found out that you can buy kits to buy lampshades so I had a look at the website ( if anyone is interested ). I watched the video that accompanies the kit a day or so before hand and then gave it a go. I deliberately made sure that I didn’t rush and that I followed all the steps laid out in the colour instructions. Plus Jay aka Mr Myasthenia Kid was on hand to help when I needed it. I have to say I am ridiculously pleased with it. The fabric is Liberty called Conservatory Fruits, I bought half a metre of it last year because I liked it but had no clue what on earth I would do with it. Then I decided this was the project it was destined for. Is it sad that I am just thrilled with my work?

I have also been plodding away on a Christmas quilt I am making for my physiotherapist. I do a block every so often . I have just managed to complete the biggest block ( which is made of 4 smaller blocks ). I have also managed to get over my fear of metallic threads by switching to a totally different brand and the difference has been night and day! So I have managed to incorporate it onto this quilt.

I also have been brave enough to go back to my blanket that I am crocheting, it is the most complicated piece I have done – it is an intermediate level pattern and I am not ashamed to admit I have probably tried to run before I can walk with this one! More than once it has been shoved into a bag and left in the cupboard for weeks at a time.

The blanket is made of 12 squares, numerous triangles and Octagons. So I am trying to slowly make my way through the squares.

I also finished this shawl in the last week, I tend to crochet when I am in bed or too ill / sore to sit at the sewing machine.

I really enjoy crochet as I find it really relaxing and almost like meditation. 

I’m pleased I have been able to continue with my crafts during the lockdown as I think it would have hit my mental health quite badly if I hadn’t have been able to. I have still been making masks as and when I can.

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