Worst Migraine ever

I am really struggling at the moment with making the time for blogging and coming up with ideas / subjects to blog about. It has been crazy busy here with decorating all last week – hubby’s bedroom and I have seriously overdone it. I have ended up having naps in the afternoon which is something I haven’t done for probably a good ten years if not more and I still can’t shake the overwhelming fatigue I seem to be suffering with.

I don’t even seem to have much energy for sewing. I have a very small window of opportunity in the morning and then by 2pm I am yawning my head off barely able to speak I am so tired. It is as frustrating as it is ridiculous as I really don’t know what it is that is draining me so much. I could blame the menopause – that is making me much more emotional than normal or perhaps its the fact that I stopped my progesterone only contraceptive pill back in December. I know when I was first put on it many years ago it was one of the few things that stabilised my symptoms along with salt tablets. Whilst it now takes a lot for me to notice my usual PoTs symptoms I am wondering if the fatigue is down to low blood pressure as I am back to crashing immediately after eating despite reducing meals, switching to low carb and drinking coffee so strong you could stand a spoon in it. 

Last week I was helping out doing all the sit down jobs I could, painting skirting boards, cutting in etc. Even though we were only working for small periods of time each day I found it utterly exhausting to the point I was going to bed at 5 -6pm and just going to sleep until the following morning. Where as in the months before I had been staying up until gone 10-11pm watching TV and just not feeling tired. There is so much I want to do but I am now struggling to motivate myself to get moving. I am just hoping that it is last weeks over exertion that has done it and that it will sort itself out…eventually. If I pace myself this week…..me and pacing is a bit of an issue as I never seem to have ever worked out the balance between activity and rest. Although this week I am so knackered I am having to rest.

I did have the doctors yesterday after my worst migraine ever experience on 20th February. Normally I wouldn’t go running to the doctor with a migraine, I get about two a month and as I don’t work I have just sort have let them go and not demanded better treatment. However the last two I have had have been so bad that Jay has had to take time off work to look after me. Now although his work have been very accommodating, I don’t want him using his annual leave so that he doesn’t lose pay when he has to take the time off. Plus it isn’t fair on him not only having the stress of me being so poorly at home and then having to deal with (potentially) colleagues and senior managers who become less and less sympathetic due to the amount of time he takes off. I hate it when my illness impacts his work because it is something outside of his control. On the 20th I really couldn’t be left as I was barely conscious and when I was I was just projectile vomiting everywhere. I couldn’t have looked after myself let alone Dembe.

The doctors appointment went well, it was a doctor I haven’t seen at the practice before. She thinks that as I had a migraine within my period of amnesia – so I have lost Wednesday 19th / Thursday 20th / Friday 21st and have hazy recollections of Saturday 22nd, it is more likely that this was a severe migraine attack. She was however unsure as to why I had never been given triptans for my migraine as I have had numerous visits over the years for them and they have been becoming more frequent. Also she told me that our town is currently awash with sickness bug and she is wondering if I was just incredibly unlucky and have come down with a sickness bug at the same time as a migraine as normally you would vomit and then start to feel better. I have no clue. All I know is whenever I have a migraine I have a hideous bout of nausea and once in a while I puke. This migraine though was different in the fact that I couldn’t stop puking and I couldn’t keep anything down. She also thinks the menopause is well underway.

So the upshot is that she is contacting the neurology department at the city hospital and seeing what they say with regards to if they want to see me, if I can be started on triptans etc. She did agree with me that the migraines are being triggered by my unstable neck. Also my migraines are coinciding with my physiotherapy appointments – which I am having due to the nerve trapped in my neck. The last session I had was on the 18th February and she barely touched my neck but as usual 48 hours later I got the worst migraine of my life. It is so frustrating that by trying to avoid surgery for this trapped nerve I am causing myself a bloody migraine.

I should hear back from Neurology within a week and the doctor said I should receive a call from them to let me know what the advice is. The good news is the doctor was pretty sure I hadn’t suffered a stroke / TIA which was my fear with the pain being so bad and the vomiting. I remember briefly worrying that I might have meningitis as I simply didn’t recall ever feeling so bad in my life. A little dramatic I know but I really can’t put into words just how awful it was.

I would give you more details from the migraine but my memory is just so bloody hazy that other than having my head in my waste paper bin and telling myself that I was never eating broccoli again – I ate that the night before and believe me the second time around it isn’t that nice. There isn’t much to tell, I was in a dark room getting annoyed and confused with the world service who I thought kept repeating the same news article over and over. When it was in fact me that was passing out / sleeping and then coming around again just as that news article was featured….again.  I remember Jay asking if I wanted him to call for an ambulance as he was worried I was much more seriously ill than I was letting on. I can remember telling him no and that was purely because I didn’t want to move at all. My memory from that week is patchy like a dream you are trying to recall and as that is not a symptom I have ever suffered from I thought it best to get it checked out. 

So I am afraid this is my pitiful offering this week. Hopefully after yet another week of taking it easier I will have bounced back.

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