Miserable ….you fill in the blanks

On Tuesday 16th July I went to my doctors appointment. As I can’t get to these things alone due to my mobility issues and no longer having a driving licence, Jay and Dembe ( who is training to be my assistance dog) came with me. I had the doctors appointment as I have a lump at the front of my neck near my adams apple. It can’t be seen by the naked eye but can be felt. When I move my neck and head in certain positions I can feel the lump pressing on my esophagus so it was important that this was checked out. 

We managed to rock up about three minutes late due to an unexpected road closure. We had hoped to prk up outside but instead had to use the carpak across the road. This all added extra minutes that we didn’t have as Jay had to assemble my mobility scooter, get a parking ticket and get Dembe’s lead on. We had put Dembe’s high viz yellow coat on before we left the house. It says on the side of it “Assistance Dog in Training” and when he is “working” we put his coat on him so that members of the public are aware of what he is doing.

We managed to get into the doctors a little stressed due to being late. The main waiting room was practically empty it was as I was getting checked in that I was told my doctors room was at the end of the corridor. This was a major ballache as this waiting room is literally the width of a small houses landing or hallway. You can’t swing a cat in there. When we got there it was jammed and there were only two seats left. Dembe was a little perturbed that so many people were so close to him. He is used to be given space. It’s not that he won’t behave, it is just this was our first visit to the surgery with him and we were playing sardines. The doctors surgery was also unbearingly hot. If I am complaining of the heat it is boiling to a normal person.

Poor Dembe was panting away, he wasn’t unsettled but he was fidgeting a bit to get comfortable. We had a massive amount of treats and just practiced calm giving to get him to settle which he did. Considering he is just 8 months old today and this was his first visit he did well. Especially with it being so busy. There was no barking or crying despite the loud noises coming from the floor above. He really does know that when his coat goes on his behaviour has to change and it is wonderful to see. Many people in the waiting room were complimenting him on being so good for an obviously young dog. So what happened when we went into the doctors consultation room has really angered me.

The doctor made it clear from her facial expression she wasn’t happy that I had both my husband and my assistance dog with me. Jay sat across the other side of the room and kept Dembe occupied. Doing various exercises silently so he was totally focused on Jay. He was sat right in front of Jay, well out of the way of the doctor. The only noise he was making was panting. The doctor needed to examine me on the couch as I made my way across she piped up “Your dog is very hyperactive”. Had I not been in a doctors surgery I would have probably given her a gob-full. Instead I pointed out that he was just 8 months old, he was in training and that panting was not the sign of a hyperactive dog but a hot dog. Jay decided to take Dembe out of the room and walk him around outside the building, he was really angry with the doctor and didn’t want to end up saying something that could impact my treatment. I was so angry that this doctor that obviously knows fuck all about dogs was making snide comments about him. A dog that had done absolutely nothing wrong. I didn’t bother to speak much at all after that because I knew if I started I may have ended up having to look for a new doctors surgery. 

It seems that kids can wreck the joint at the doctors surgery, run around screaming, grab at people etc – all stuff I have witnessed. But a dog that is simply panting is hyperactive. Honestly the stupid cow should have seen him the first night of puppy training 7 weeks ago when he was play bowing, barking and generally being a dick – that is hyperactive. I would say if Dembe had been naughty or hadn’t behaved as he should. I am not an idiot. The whole reason we are doing all these training courses is to ensure he conducts himself well when working / out in public. So for an uneducated, miserable cow of a doctor to say he was misbehaving by snidely saying that he was hyperactive is bang out of fucking order. It’s been 10 hours since the appointment and I am still fucking seething about it.

 I have seen some crap doctors in my time but she took the biscuit and it wasn’t just the issue with Dembe. I also told her about my dry eyes and the fact they are drying out at night causing abrasions on my cornea. She said she would prescribe me something for my eyes. I told her I needed something at night as that was when the damage is occurring. My eyes are very dry during the day as the Hyloforte drops are only providing about 20-30 minutes of relief at a time. But I need something at night to stop my eyeballs sticking to my eyelids. She has totally ignored that and prescribed me drops for day time use. I give up, what part of the conversation didn’t she get. She didn’t even think it might be important for me to see an ophthalmologist to get my eyes checked. To see of we could get to the bottom of why my eyes are dry and what could be done about it. She has taken it into her head that I am allergic to liquid paraffin when I have used it in another eye ointment perfectly fine. I was so pissed off by this point other than repeatedly bang my head against the desk I had to just smile and breathe rather than tell her what a giant fucking cockwomble she was. I do try not to lay into doctors, its a thankless job, so many targets and patients to see. But of you aren’t going to fucking listen and then make pronouncements on my dogs behaviour despite clearly being no expert then I am afraid you deserve everything this post has coming for you.

As I left the doctors I had to book in blood tests ( check my thyroid) and the doctor is doing a referral for an ultrasound to check out this lump which she believes is a lymph node. I can tell you something for sure I will never be making another appointment with her again. The receptionist was really lovely and said what a lovely dog Dembe was and how well behaved he was. She wouldn’t have known what had gone on in the room as I was literally at the desk seconds after the appointment was over. As I looked out of the surgerys door I could see an old chap fussing Dembe and Dembe sitting there loving it. No barking, no crying just a well behaved, panting dog. That made me even more angry.

Jay said the old guy was talking to him for a while and made a massive fuss of Dembe. Dembe was a little scared at first but Jay passed the guy one of Dembe’s treats and he was won over immediately. He said it was so sweet. Jay said the guy was obviously quite lonely but because of the love he was showering Dembe with Jay just let him and was chatting away with him. Jay said after about Dembe that maybe we should get  him trained as a Pets As Therapy dog as he loves having attention and has such a loving nature. It’s definitely something we will consider in the future once we have his training mastered.

After the doctors we walked over to the mini Marks & Spencer as I had a delivery to pick up. As we walked through the door all the staff were smiling at Dembe. It is lovely when we take him anywhere with us in his assistance dog vets, people who have looked as miserable as sin just moments before just beam at him. I love the way this dog makes people smile …apart from you know who..Miserable…….you fill in the blanks.

Dembe was really well behaved in M&S and on the walk back to the car. To reward him this afternoon we took him up on Woodbury common and I accompanied them on my mobility scooter. So I will end this angry blog post with some beautiful photos of my hot dog, not hyperactive one. Stick to diagnosing people love, as animals are just not your forte.

The last one is Dembe working, wearing his assistance vest.

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Miserable ….you fill in the blanks

  1. Dembe is beautiful. What a star he is 🙂

    That doctor sounds very annoying. I’m sure she isn’t allowed to complain about a service dog…

    I’ve walked my Jack Russell while driving the mobility scooter. All the best xo

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    • Hiya Faith,
      Thank you so much.

      I am still very angry at the doctor for being so silly about Dembe panting and claiming he was hyperactive. She was very clever to hide it as a statement rather than saying your dog is badly behaved which would have been seen as more of a complaint about him. I hadn’t heard her but as my husband took Dembe outside she said “Oh he has such a lovely face”. Jay said that made him more angry because she was attempting to minimise her snide remarks. Needless to say I will be avoiding her like the plague in future.

      I aim in the future to hopefully lead walk Dembe whilst I am on my scooter. It was just really lovely to get out in the countryside and enjoy the walk. Something which I have kind of felt excluded from until now. Mainly because before his obedience training he was a bit of a nightmare on the lead and would spend the whole time trying to get to me to jump up on my lap. Now he is really good and knows he isn’t to do that and he walks like an angel.

      I suppose I reacted to that comment by the doctor like a mother would about a snarky remark about her child. It was untrue, unnecessary and uncalled for. Especially as I was there about a condition that was concerning me, I didn’t need the added stress of someone thinking they were clever.

      As you can probably tell I am still cross LOL!

      Have a fab weekend xx

      Rachel xx

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      • Unfortunately, I can relate to bad doctor behaviour and can understand your anger. (There are posts about it in my blog and there’s another blog post I need to update about my medical care but I can’t psychologically go there yet). Dembe had every right to be there in his capacity as Service Dog. It seems he acted more professionally than that so called doctor 🙂

        Sounds like he’s come far with his training. What a darling dog.

        Yes, lol, all my dogs are also like my children. I know what you mean.

        Thank you, I will try. Thinking of baking a cake. Take care of you.
        Faith xox

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      • Thank you.
        You summed it up perfectly he did behave better than she did. He is so funny he knows when he puts his coat on he is there to work bless him. He is currently staring at me to see if he can get me to feed him early! He is such a cheeky monkey.

        I am just currently having a look at your blog. I love the photos from the garden centre. Belated birthday wishes to John

        I love Norfolk, my husband half brother and his family live there. We went there many years ago for a Christening – DIss, I thought it was beautiful. I have always wanted to go back there and have a proper exploration of the area.

        Thanks again
        Dogs are the best
        Rachel x

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      • Ha! My dogs make ‘eyes’, look at the box of treats, lick their lips…they couldn’t be more obvious when they’re begging for a treat.

        Thank you. I’m bit of a plant-aholic. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes to John.

        I live near Hemsby or Great Yarmouth, right on the coast. It’s quite windy today and been raining lots. We needed the rain though.

        Well, off now to make that cake. Dogs are the best 🙂

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