Injury Time

My plan to tell you more about our visit to Sewing Quarter HQ in Birmingham has had t be put on hold. Over the weekend we had more snow and on Monday morning our boiler stopped working. In an effort to get it working again, I tried defrosting the condenser waste pipe in case that had frozen. Unfortunately on around the 7th trip out of the back door the snow and ice got me. I ended up falling badly and hitting my head on the doorstep.


I probably had a mild concussion, I was left very upset for the rest of the day. I kept bursting into tears which I hate doing. Yesterday (Tuesday) I was in agony with my legs where I had fallen very hard onto patio slabs. Today (Wednesday) I am still quite sore but I am having to sort the house out as we (fingers crossed) are having a plumber out to look at the boiler. We’ve been given the run around by two plumbers, countless others are apologising as they just can’t get to us as obviously the cold weather has sparked lots of boilers to misbehave and this is on top of their normal work load.


We are lucky in the fact we live in a small house so a little halogen heater is making the world of difference and we have an electric shower so we aren’t reliant on the boiler to wash. It’s just a massive pain in the arse and just another thing for my anxiety to take hold of and keep me awake for hours. The fall has left me feeling very vulnerable, I could have knocked myself unconscious and no one would have known I was there. I hadn’t even taken my mobile phone as I was going 4 steps from the back door. I am still really sore and just fed up with it all. Hence why I can’t give you a decent post which would follow up on our visit. Hopefully next week, if things have gone a little smoother…..for a change.

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