Quick post

Sorry this will just be a quick post this week. I have been waiting for inspiration to strike but it must’ve taken a holiday and forgotten to tell me. I have no clue what to write about, so I will just give you a quick rundown of what has been going on here at The Myasthenia Kid HQ over the last week or so.


Mr Myasthenia kid was on holiday last week so we cracked on with doing the decorating. The lounge has needed re-done for a while and we have been putting it off and putting it off. The paint has been sat in my bedroom for about two months but we just didn’t have the energy or motivation to do it. The last week was Jay’s last week of holiday until April. Our new sofas arrive next month and I really didn’t want to be decorating around two new sofas. I will be honest it nearly killed the pair of us. It was divided over 4 days as not only did we paint the lounge but we also did the little hallway upstairs. I only do the small bits I can manage but my back, hands and wrists have been playing up ever since.


I also upgraded my sewing machine last week, I had a cheap Lidl one which was great when I first started but it was starting to limit what I was able to do. Button holes were a nightmare a 5 step process, this machine is just choose which one of the nine buttonhole designs you want and off you go. I will admit it is taking some getting used to but I love the top loading bobbin and the needle threader so much already. I can set up my machine in no time at all. I have been a little frightened of it if I am honest, so much so Jay practically forced me onto it today, saying “you’ll never feel confident with it if you don’t use it” which is very true. I had been avoiding using it  (as much as I had used the previous machine). Now I hope to sort myself out and get to grips with it .


Here are a few bits that I have made over the last few weeks.


Bag – buttonholes done on my new machine

I also made these Harry the Hares

I have made quite a few hot water bottle covers

Mollie snuggling up with one I made for myself


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