Odd ones


A few weeks ago an incident happened that has happened many times before to me on social media, I was hit on by a complete stranger. They seem to all go to the same school of charm, as the same phrase is always used. I was told yet again “Btw (by the way) your profile photo is really sexy”. This always makes me roar with laughter as my profile photo is usually one of my dogs. I hate having my photograph taken and I rarely post photos of myself unless it’s of me with ptosis The men that use this phrase clearly don’t actually look at the profile picture they are sending this crap out to or they really do need glasses!

I suppose Frankie could look sexy if you were into that kind of thing LOL!

My husband had no idea how often this happens to me, I simply hadn’t bothered to tell him. I am probably like most women, so used to this crap that it really doesn’t bother me anymore. I might find it creepy some days but I usually send the person back quite a rude response and immediately block them so I can have no further dialogue with them. Due to my position as an admin on a Facebook group, I have to set my messages so that I can receive them from anyone. Facebook naturally filters them for me into people I am friends with, those messages go straight into my inbox and people I don’t know come up as message requests. Thankfully I can preview these without the other person knowing, so that should I wish to I can decline them.


However a few weeks ago I had the same issue with “your profile picture is very sexy” but this time it wasn’t a stranger, out of the blue. No this was during a serious conversation I was having with an admin from another group. I had contacted this admin as a favour as I had joined his group only to see that there was an ex member of the group I admin in there. This member had been removed due to his aggressive and confrontational / rude behaviour and I could see that he was up to his old tricks in this new  group. As a favour I thought I would give this admin the heads up. Oh how I wish I hadn’t, the conversation started up normally enough and then out of nowhere came the creepy statement. All respect I had for this gentleman left me right there, why would you do that ? and why on earth would you think that was ok?


Why is it that men seem to think that the internet is just another way to be pervy to women? What did this man, let’s call him Chris think I was going to say after he told me my profile picture was very sexy? “Oh thank you kind sir, let’s run away together?” At the time I just said “erm thanks the photo is of my dog’s nose” I exited the conversation quickly after that and I am happy to say he hasn’t contacted me again.


Now if he did this to me and he barely knows me, literally we are in the same health issue group, what is he doing to women in the group he helps run? Women who he knows are vulnerable, to me that is the behaviour of a predator. Unfortunately it’s not the first time I have heard about a male admin or husband’s of an admin taking advantage of their position to gain sexual satisfaction. It really brings it home to you that you should never blindly trust someone on the internet, I am always quite cautious but even I have had occasions where I have let my guard down and been punished for it. However it is usually females that take advantage of me, by monopolizing my time, asking highly personal questions and then when I tell them that I won’t answer that question, I have had them get extremely nasty with me or make out that I am taking offence for no reason.


The male pervs I can deal with, as I say they normally get a special message back from me. It’s the females I find incredibly difficult to deal with, sometimes it can take me years to  stand up to them. I never divulge things I don’t want to, I won’t be bullied into that. I seem to attract the ones who are emotional vampires, who are in competition with me as to who really is the sickest them or me.  Anyone who knows me knows that I really don’t fucking care who is the sickest it’s not a game I play. They are the ones that only ever talk about themselves and when you look back at the messages you have from them you see that they rarely ever ask you how you are doing.


I write a blog, I give information away freely it’s something I chose to do.I also control the information that I share. I also understand that people will contact me as part of that. 99 times out of 100 I have no problem at all with the people who contact me and I am more than happy to help whenever I can. The downside is even though my blog audience is pretty small by the grand scheme of things and my page only has a hundred or so followers on

Facebook. I do seem to attract more than my fair share of weirdos. I have been asked for money, I have been asked if I want to join an investment schemes but the ones that really get my goat are the ones that steal my time. They are the ones that message me incessantly for days on end, that claim to be big fans of my blog but the questions they ask prove time and time again they’ve never read it. They are also the ones that claim to know all about my illnesses, yet the things they say prove they don’t. I try so hard to be polite and kind to  everyone I encounter online but some people think that gives them the green light to walk all over me or to ask deeply personal questions. When I point out that I won’t answer the question and why, I am belittled through mocking apologies. Yet when I stand up for myself and tell these people to sling their hooks I am the one left feeling bad about it. I just can’t win.


Some of these encounters make me want to just shut down all my social media accounts and run away. But then I think to myself why should I be the one to suffer? All I have ever done with my blog is try to tell my story and hopefully help others who maybe at a different stage of the journey. The majority of my online encounters are lovely it’s just the odd one or two that leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. It’s the odd ones with a problem not me!


4 thoughts on “Odd ones

  1. There are some sick bastards out there Rachel.I have followed your posts for nearly a year now.I have MG,and dupuytrens. I was diagnosed more or less straight away,when the symptoms really revealed themselves in Dec 2014.I believe that the first sign of this shit condition became apparent in Dec2004,3 months after I began taking statins. Rachel I do not fathom why the so called experts are so reluctant to come off the fence.It is as plain as the nose on your face you have MG. BTW there is a school of thought that believes Dupuytrens is Autoimmune. Nil Carburundum Illegitamae Regards Throstle53  in Bromsgrove,Worcestershire

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    • Thank you Throstle53, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment. It is always lovely to discover that someone follows your blog!

      It is really frustrating when I get such a good response from mestinon that this can just be ignored. Also that my ptosis can be called a spasm when you can clearly see that the muscle is paralysed and not tense. Obviously these doctors think everyone but them is stupid!

      Thankfully due to having postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome I can keep taking mestinon as this medications is also use to treat PoTs. Not that it actually does much for my PoTs!

      Thanks again
      Rach x


  2. Hiya hunny. Your friendly stalker here! BTW I do think your doggies nose is really sexy! Joking aside, block the bastards and carry on as you are. Please don’t change because you are simply amazing! Its so unfair that people have the guts to treat others with such contempt, I really do worry where the internet, social platforms are heading, and I worry ladies and gentleman (because it does happen to both sexes) aren’t strong enough to reject such advances on them sexually, and put up with such demoralising behaviour. Wow I’ll get off my soap box now and go lay down in a quiet room! Take Care Lovely xxx

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    • Hiya Emmey,

      You’re my favourite stalker! lol! I do find it really strange that a grown man can’t have a conversation with someone from the opposite sex without turning it into something sexual. Chris made me feel very dirty and degraded because it was just so out of the blue and totally out of context with the conversation we were having. I was just really shocked. I am used to the idiots that are trying to scam you that send unsolicited messages but to be having a normal conversation with someone and for them to think behaving like that was ok? That is just weird. I worry the same as you do that people think the internet means they can behave anyway they choose.

      I hope you have a lovely lie down!

      Thank you for reading my blog post and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate every comment I get be it on here or on social media platforms.

      Thanks again

      Rach xx


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