So I find myself in much the same position as I was last week. I am still having the orthostatic headaches, neck pain, back pain and the constant taste of salt in my mouth. Just for added variety I came down with a UTI last week which knocked me for six and I have been sleeping a lot ever since.


My gp has increased my salt tablets (600mgs) to 10 a day and this has helped a little. Meaning I can spread longer periods sat up than before but everyday I have a headache that increases as the day goes on.


Thankfully hubby had an appointment with the gp this morning (we share the same one),  he explained how awful the last few weeks have been for me and how this is impacting his anxiety. He doesn’t know how I am when he is working and he is worried that I may collapse again, injuring myself. The gp has now decided that I need the referral and that is being done this week. I have to contact the gp on Friday to let him know how things are going.
So that is the current state of play, I am still in limbo and have no idea how long I will have to wait to get the epidural blood patch or if indeed the consultant will agree to it.

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