Update ….

Things have been hectic here health wise over the last week and so the blog post has been sacrificed so that I can rest and recuperate.

Some of you know I suffer with the skin condition Hidradenitis Suppurativa, which is where for some reason unknown to science the body produces abscesses. I am lucky in that in all the years I have had HS it has only ever been stage one and hasn’t moved up in stages. However that isn’t to say that it isn’t painful or leaves you feeling like crap when it happens.

Last week I developed one right under my left butt cheek, which meant sitting down was very painful. I did all the usual things I do to try to treat it without antibiotics but it didn’t work. I ended up on antibiotics and then suffered horrific side effects from the antibiotics. Side effects that can only be described as explosive shits for 17 hours and playing Russian roulette every time I went to break wind.

The side effects wiped me out for three days, I had my first good day yesterday but then I ended up in a massive pain flare where every movement caused pain. I think it was the changing weather fronts that caused the pain flare and it was the worst I had ever experienced. 

Today’s health fun comes in the form of vertigo. I am typing this with only one eye open and the chromebook balanced on my chest.

Someday’s I feel like hiding under the duvet until 2015 is over……

2 thoughts on “Update ….

  1. I know I shouldn’t…….but that did make me giggle….and I know that you know what a mess my body is too, so we can have a giggle with each other (before anyone slates me for giggling).

    Glad you’ve finally run out of bullets…..who won lol.

    Get some sleep and hopefully those feelings that are ‘being on a Cruise ship in stormy weather’ will pass…….I’ve only just started having this fantastic holiday on the cruise ship in the last couple of months….and some days the seas are flat and lovely (although this old body is still in horrendous pain 24/7)…and some days the sea can change JUST LIKE THAT – With no warning whatsoever!! I think I am trapped on this boat now, but maybe we’ll bump into each other on the upper deck at some point Rachel lol!!

    Take care and I hope the Fur Babies are helping by licking your face….and Hubby of course, we can’t leave him out lol

    Much Love, Nicola xx

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    • Hi Nicola,
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.
      If we can’t laugh at the stuff that is thrown our way it is a pretty poor show. Luckily I won.
      I had a mega sleep session yesterday, I went to bed for a nap at 3pm and woke up at 3am. I know things are bad when I sleep like that.
      I hope the get to the bottom of what is going on with you.
      Rach xx


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