Amazing News

Firstly I want to apologise for this being a very short post. I have not been very well for the last few days and I have been having bouts of ptosis again which means its quite difficult to use a screen for any length of time.

That aside I was cheered up immensely when I received an email from WEGO Health on Friday afternoon whilst stuck in bed. This is what it said


Dear Rachel Morris,
Congratulations! Someone nominated you for Best in Show: Blog in the Fourth Annual WEGO Health Activist Awards.

A little birdy had told me a few days before hand that they had nominated me. I was overjoyed but it was a very hard secret to keep. My blog had to be verified etc before they would send me an official nomination email. I don’t think my email account has ever been checked as many times as it has been over the last few days!

You can find my nominee page HERE, please can I ask that you follow the link and just press the endorse button. I need as many followers as possible to endorse my blog. The nomination phase ends December 31st.

The endorsements are important as the people with the highest number of endorsements go through to the final stage. Then a judging panel also chooses people who they want to go forward. So Please endorse me and get as many people as you know who read the blog to endorse me as well!

This link explains all about the WEGO Health Activist Awards also.

Thanks again for taking the time to read, share and comment on my blog. This award nomination is truly amazing! Thank you.


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