Trying to be normal, its a killer!

Sorry if you were expecting Democracy in action part two today so was I. Unfortunately I am just too tired to write the post and do justice to it. Plus events are pretty fluid at present, until I get something more concrete to tell you I am going to leave it for this week.

I have been attempting a normal life for the last few days you know going out and socialising, I am beyond exhausted and the craziness won’t stop until Saturday. The funny thing is none of it was planned.

Normally if a week like this is planned I would have spent a considerable amount of time in the previous weeks writing blog posts and getting them scheduled, knowing that a) I won’t have time to write or b) I will be too tired to. I am hoping to get Mondays post written Thursday. I always find it difficult to write if hubby is home…..he is very distracting in a good way.

Hubby is on holiday this week and its coincided with my parents being up at their caravan which is just a few miles down the road. Mum and dad have really needed a break from everything that has been going on lately. Mums back has suddenly started causing her a great deal of pain, dad has also injured his back and is looking at possibly having steroid injections (which he is putting off). So they can’t really do any of the jobs they had planned for their own house and my sister is on holiday also so there are no responsibilities tying them to home.

I haven’t really spent much time with my parents this year so far. I have had a few hours here and there at the caravan and I am on the phone several times a day. So this week I have been spending time at the van. Unfortunately even though it just involves a ten minute car drive and sitting down, trying to be normal has completely wiped me out. 

We also (hubby and I) also got the opportunity to go into the city and spend four hours looking around the shops and getting lunch out. Many thanks to our best friend who looked after the dogs for us. Our dogs all have terrible separation anxiety and can’t be left without us receiving noise complaints due to their singing (aka howling) and mass destruction of our home.

In an 18 month period many years ago before I had to give up work they destroyed 3 sofas (2 leather and one cloth), the majority of the woodwork going up our stairs, part of a kitchen unit, a coffee table, an x-box, 2 antique cabinets and a tin of paint to name the things I immediately remember. The tin of paint is still a painful episode for me because it took four hours to clear up and the dogs were pooping white for nearly a week. They were in basic terms little shits.

They were never left all day, hubby and I deliberately took different days off, worked shifts and opposite ends of the day and always came home for lunch. The longest they were left was 3 hours. Yet for them five minutes alone was too long. Now they are never left unless we have someone to look after them and I am now basically housebound.

I am writing this on Tuesday (8th July) and I could quite happily be in bed asleep. Its only 14:15hrs but I am hurting all over from spending 4 hours in my wheelchair yesterday and being at my parents van for several hours Sunday. I would never have planned a week like this in a million years. I like to have several days / weeks between outings to allow myself to recover. Although mentally I will find this week very stimulating, physically I am expecting to crash from Saturday onwards.

Today has been spent cleaning out the bird seed that has germinated between the slats of the decking – I can do that job as I am sat down. Then hubby has got our old vacuum cleaner out and removed all the bird seed the wild birds have thrown everywhere. 

Then we moved onto the big job of cleaning out the fridge freezer, a new one is being delivered on Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully mum and dad have a small freezer up at their camper van that we have been able to borrow so that the contents of our old freezer can be decanted into that whilst we wait for the new freezer to be delivered and come up to temperature. My neighbours are taking my medications that need to be refrigerated and we have a cool bag for the contents of the fridge. We should get a text an hour before they deliver the new one so fingers crossed everything stays cold enough in the cool bag with the freezer blocks in it!

As I am typing this our old fridge freezer has now been moved into the lounge ready to be collected. Its never a dull moment here.

Tomorrow is just as crazy ( a normal day for most people) I have blood tests to be done in the morning. My parents are taking me to the doctors surgery so I will have to use my crutches as with both of their backs being bad they can’t lift my wheelchair in and out of the car. Luckily you can park right outside the surgery so I don’t have far to walk. I will be bringing a hot water bottle with me to try and trick my reluctant veins to stay at the surface so its easier for the nurse!

In the afternoon my husband has his appointment with his dermatologist in the city and its right at the time the new fridge freezer is being delivered. So no afternoon snooze for me. Hubby will have to move all the furniture for me so its all ready for the delivery team.

Thursday is the first day that I will get to have a rest as my hubby is going down to Plymouth to visit his parents. My day will either be spent in bed or on the sofa watching the box set of “Rookie Blue” which I got into a week or so ago. The whole box set of series 1-3 has been available to download, so hubby sorted that out for me. I dont think I will be able to rest much as I am currently running on adrenaline. Until the adrenaline subsides, I won’t sleep well or be able to rest without becoming twitchy.

Thursday will also be filled with excitement as on Friday a good friend from school is coming to visit me. We have been in contact on facebook for a while but we haven’t seen each other since leaving school in the 1990’s. Its going to be brilliant catching up properly again. We have had a few phone calls and we’ve just slipped back into how we were when we were kids so I am really looking forward to it.

So its a crazy busy week this week. I never have weeks like this, I never plan for weeks to be like this. I am enjoying it I just wish my body would too. Fingers crossed if I am well enough over the weekend Democracy in action will be ready for Monday’s post. 

Apologies xx

2 thoughts on “Trying to be normal, its a killer!

  1. So happy to hear you are enjoying your week! It sounds like many wonderful things are going on. I cracked up at your description of the dogs.I have had such things happen but not the paint.

    I am sorry to hear your mum and dad are both having difficulty with their backs. Goodness.

    I love Rookie Blue! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Enjoy the rest of your week. 🙂


  2. Hi Bee,

    Thanks for leaving a comment! Its been a crazy week but I have enjoyed myself. Looking forward to today as seeing my friend from school who I haven’t met up with for over 20 years. That makes me feel old!

    I have just watched the first 4 seasons of Rookie Blue in just over a week. Its safe to say I loved it! Season 5 starts here this month and I cant wait for it to start. I have just started watching Band of Brothers which I have never seen and devoured 4 episodes last night. I only stopped watching as I needed to get some sleep!

    I cant believe both my parents are having back problems at the moment. It seems never ending at the moment.

    I hope you and your family are ok?

    Enjoy the weekend

    Rach x


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