losing what little ground I had gained and a tale of two naughty hounds!

This post was supposed to be about something else entirely but the energy theives visited and I’m stuck in bed!

Since the beginning of February after the tilt table test which I’m now seriously starting to regret having my health has been in a precarious state.

I’ve had a couple of good days in the last month but that’s it. Currently its just constantly lurching from one bad day to the next. Pretty much every day by 2:30pm I’m done, by 4:00pm I’m ready to sleep. I have to try and keep myself awake otherwise I end up waking up after 7 hours wide awake, which makes it a long day if you’ve been up since 3am.

My heart is constantly racing again, on the fludrcortisone my blood pressure has only reached the dizzying heights of 100/61. To tell you the truth I am sick of it.

The steroids make me grumpy and angry. They are wrecking my skin and despite the increase of salt I seem to be constantly dehydrated. Its been so bad that my skin is extremely slow in going back down after you pinch the back of my hand. Everything I drink just goes straight through me.

I will be quite honest I’m feeling miserable!

Now something to make you laugh

This is Frankie lying on our new rug. The day we bought it he wouldn’t get off it. Today he managed to puke on it, he had been eating grass out in the garden which I was unaware of. Whilst I went into the kitchen to make myself a drink he puked bile (bright yellow bile) and grass onto the top corner of the rug. As I am quickly cleaning the rug as hard as I can as I do not want it to stain and the carpet shampooer is in the shed, I hear a rustling in the kitchen.

 I’ve left the cupboard door open in case I needed more cloths or towels.

 I know what is happening, I should have realised this would happen.

Mollie has jumped up and pulled a bag of treats down to help herself being aided and abetted by Willow. This is what my husband and I refer to as a rookie mistake! The thing is I’ve left that cupboard door open countless times and she’s never done it. She’s so sneaky she knew I was too busy cleaning the rug to stop her!

By the time I got back into the kitchen all that was left was an empty wrapper and two dogs making a hasty exit! Ears down and tails between their legs. You have to admire their audacity. If I hadn’t been elbow deep in puke I would have taken a photo!

Here are the naughty girls! Like mother like daughter. I couldn’t be cross for long and it has given me something to chuckle about today!

So glad I have my babies to make me smile! Even if they are cheeky beggars!

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