Well yesterday was rough Nurse Frankie was right about that! The fatigue from not being able to catch my breath properly meant by the time hubby got home from work at 7pm I was already dozing on the sofa.

I felt fine on waking this morning, I had had around ten hours sleep ( those hours are interrupted with toilet trips and fluid intakes, so I never actually sleep a whole night through. I can’t remember the last time I slept all night). As the morning progressed I noticed that on changing direction I was becoming dizzy as the hours have slowly ticked by the dizziness and feeling faint has progressed to the point where the only safe place for me to be is in bed. So here I am on rare disease day stuck in bed. Oh the irony!

My mood is low, I’m hormonal and steroid bitchy not a great combination! I’ve now been really sick for 18 days with a period of a week before that being mildly sicker than I normally am. So my normal routines and activities have been curtailed for 24 days. It may not seem like much but when you’ve fought so hard to get where I was 24 days ago it feel like a massive smack in the face.

This was all triggered by the Tilt Table Test on 4th February,   ( im getting confused between the TTT and a drs appointment  the TTT was a Tuesday the drs appointment was Friday 7th) its now 28th February and I’m not improving as rapidly as I would like. The last two days have been bad as for a few days prior I had made some big improvements. I’m not back to where I was before this nose dive but I was making great advances towards it. The last two days seem to be my bodies way of telling me it was too much too soon. So here I am again feeling faint, dizzy and stuck in bed. Grrr!

Its going to be a long boring day as hubby is on a late night, all my friends are working and doing normal people things. I here alone bored out of my mind. Too sick for a visit yet sick of my own company and the dogs arent great conversationalists! So I’m boring you rigid instead.

Its now a rest / nap time for me. Fingers crossed tomorrow is better xx

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