January 18th 2012

Well things have been chugging along here. Ive been up and down due to low blood pressure and being very tired.

Last week my dog Willow jumped on me and managed to dislocate my elbow, preventing me using the computer for a few days. I was very lucky as it popped back in immediately but it made such a cracking noise hubs thought I must have broken it.

Hubs diet is going very well and hes now lost 12lb in 2 weeks. He lost 11lb the first week and 1lb this week. Hes been quite frustrated by having only a 1lb loss this week and has been like a diva with the bathroom scales. Apparently they don’t work, the batteries are going or they simply don’t like him!

 It was even worse when they showed a 3lb gain one day last week! Oh my god the drama! I had to explain to him that he would have needed to eat around 9,000 calories extra to gain that in one day and it was simply fluid retention! Its like having a teenage girl in the house who is a slave to the scales. It does provide endless entertainment for me especially as not really having lost anything the first week I suddenly lost 4lb and then another 1lb two days later. Breaking the news to hubs was hilarious after he had told me the scales must be broken!!!

Hubs has now rearranged his bedroom ( we sleep in separate rooms due to his snoring and my erratic sleeping patterns) and has now got the treadmill out that was bought for him 2 years ago and was only used once in that time! Since Sunday he has been using it everyday for 20minutes alternating between jogging and brisk walking. You can already see the difference in his body shape. He was complaining last night that his trousers at work are falling down!

He can’t order any new work uniform as they are on a budget freeze with the end of the financial year coming. At present there are members of staff having to wear their own clothes in as the uniform just isn’t being replaced. This week end I may have to look at his trousers and see if there is any way that I could take them in. I’m no seamstress so I am reluctant to mess about with things I know little about!

So thats all my news from this crazy household! xx

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