Merry Christmas and happy new year

Well its 0115am and I can’t sleep… if I don’t make myself drop off during this post….I hope it doesn’t  send you to sleep!

Firstly I would like to wish all my readers a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This will probably be the last post of 2011 and what a year its been! So lets hope 2012 is a smidgen better!

I am still taking my midodrine however its still having nasty effects on my bladder so I do 4 days on 2 days off. I really don’t want to end up with a series of UTI’s especially over the Christmas period. The midodrine is making a difference my mind feels so much more alert and I am able to venture down stairs for much longer periods of time which is brilliant as my bedroom had become a bit of a prison cell for around 6 months. Not something I wish to repeat!

I saw my POTS consultant on 15th December and hes pleased with my progress and wants me to up my midodrine to three times a day 5mg a go. Which I am happy to do as the crash I experience when the dose has worn off is unbelievable. Its much worse than anything I have experienced before.

Unfortunately the midodrine does nothing to stop my post prandial hypotension and pharmacologically there is nothing they can do for this. Post prandial hypotension means that between 30-60 minutes after I have eaten my blood pressure plummets as my body over compensates and sends as much blood as it can to my abdomen. The effects of eating even something as small as a sandwich can last for several hours. The only way to avoid this I have found is just not to eat if I want to have a reasonably productive day. I’ve tried the smaller meals and proteins rather than carbs but it makes no difference. Ive even tried taking ibuprofen before eating but alas nothing works. The simple answer is I have a crapped out autonomic nervous system that refuses to play by any known rules.

We are all ready for Christmas here in the MG Kid house hold. The Christmas tree is up and decorated. I treated myself to a new tree this year and got a bargain. The original price was £90 and I got it for £30. Its a white tree with artificial snow on the branches. I am a firm believer in if you have an artificial tree then don’t bother getting a green one! I’m stubborn that way lol! My favourite tree of all time was ice blue but that got ruined by some over zealous puppies one year, back in the day when I used to breed dogs!

My new Christmas tree is lovely but…. there always seems to be a but with me! I am allergic to the fake snow!!! Another thing to add to my growing list of allergies. I can’t go near conifers as I come out in a rash and the same thing has happened with the new tree – although quite obviously its no more related to a conifer as I am to a chicken. Oh well cest la vie, it means hubs will have the task of getting all the decks off, which by the way he will be trying to convince me to do from boxing day onwards. His OCD will get the better of him and he will need the house to return to its bare post Christmas state!

Christmas will be spent with my hubby and my beloved hounds. I like a nice quiet Christmas as I will need all my strength supervising hubs in the kitchen. Ive treated myself to some Gordons Gin and some tonic which has been a favourite tipple of mine for a few years now. Although mother if you are reading this I would quite fancy a bottle of your slow gin if there is any going spare!!! Hubs has treated himself to a bottle of Malibu, which will probably still be hanging around Christmas 2012. We used to drink quite a bit in our early twenties when we met but our tolerance to alcohol has diminished with age. 2 gin and tonics and I will be under the table and I don’t care whose table it is.

Well this was just supposed to be a short post but as usual its rambled on and on.

Ive had a cracking day today as two of my best friends in all the world came over today and spent the afternoon with me. I can honestly say that my face is still aching from laughing so much. Its really been lovely. Unfortunately I think I maybe a little over stimulated again due to my autonomic nervous system dysfunction which is sending adrenalin through my veins in copious amounts hence why I can’t sleep.

Well who needs sleep? Sleep is for wimps! That’s what I used to think when I was young! Now these days I beg for sleep as tomorrow or now rather today will be a complete wash out due to my lack of it. Oh well I don’t mind paying the price of a wonderful afternoon with people I love.

I hope all of you spend time with those you love and that love you back this Christmas time (or holiday time). Have a wonderful time and cherish the time you have with them.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for reading about my journey.

Rach – the MGKID

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