Thank you

I am just dropping by to say thank you for your lovely comments and support. I’m still pretty rough and using the computer is difficult.

I contacted my hospital consultant yesterday unfortunately he is on leave this week and will be back next week. On his secretaries advice I have contacted my GP. I wrote a letter to him as I didn’t want to run the gauntlet of the reception team. I managed to write the letter and forget to put my name and address on it! I feel such an idiot but my brain is refusing to work when I am sitting up. Luckily he has only 5 Pots patients and I am the only one under my consultant. So hopefully he does a Miss Marple and works it out! If I don’t hear from him today I will write him another letter explaining my mistake! Remembering of course to put my name and address on it!

Thanks again for your support xx

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