Back after a leave of absence….

Imagine my excitement today when I realised I was just 4 views from 3,000 hits on my blog! Its amazing and I thank you all for taking the time to read it.

I am feeling loads better after my chest infection but I am suffering with quite severe exhaustion and tachycardia on the slightest movement. My blood pressure has decided to stay very low all the time which is leaving me very dizzy and spaced out. So its been quite hard to do anything much at all over the last few weeks.

For around 4 weeks now I have been mainly in bed watching DVD’s to keep me occupied. I have managed to watch Madmen seasons 1-3 (thoroughly enjoyed it), M*A*S*H seasons 1-11 (loved every minute of this). I had never seen the closing episode of M*A*S*H so it was really good to see it. Hubs bought me the complete box set as a treat. I am now watching Bones season 2. When I can’t get out of bed I do enjoy my box sets and I will watch quite a wide variety of series.

So apart from what I have been watching DVD wise there isn’t much to report. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Back after a leave of absence….

  1. aw sorry you having a crap time. me too.

    something salty might be good for your low bp. and water. getting tachy on moving feels awful, i try to stay as still as possible which sounds like what your doing.

    this will pass, just getting through this stage of waiting for it to pass. plenty of rest.

    take care. x


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