Update from the garden Part 2

Thought I would just finish up the update on the garden. As you can see the Marguerite has probably tripled in size over the last few months. I’m pretty impressed with how well its done.

I like low maintenance plants so I have a few ornamental grasses in the garden. They add a bit of colour and drama to the garden.

These are my strawberry plants – minus strawberries, lobelia, begonia’s and broom. So there are splashes of colour throughout the decking. As you can see all of our garden is in containers as we have decking throughout the back as the garden was very sloped and had clay like soil. Not really dog friendly or making keeping the house clean that easy!

9 thoughts on “Update from the garden Part 2

  1. I love the splashes of color against the aged grey of your fence and decking! So very pretty, it must be lovely to sit outside and enjoy with the pups and hubs!


  2. Yes we are very pleased with the containers this year as its been really low maintenance. Just have to dead head the margeurite occasionally.

    I had to decide that I couldn't manage the garden like I used to. It just shows what you can do with a few old pots and some cheap bedding plants!



  3. I absolutely Love your garden! I only have a lawn for my back garden, I'm not particularly green fingered, but I really do like what you have. I think I may have to rethink the no plants issue I have 🙂


  4. Everything is so beautiful!!! I would love to have a garden. I need one in my life., Then you could tell me how to make it look nice!


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