Once I had a secret love ……

Ok its not actually that secret because my mum, husband and now Amanda all refer to him as my boyfriend!

I am ashamed to admit I have turned into a bit of a cougar. My secret love / crush is Stuart Broad the English Cricket Player! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuart_Broad

I don’t know why I love my little Stuie so much but it means the long hours of watching cricket with my husband are certainly more interesting! Imagine my distress yesterday when I discovered he had been dropped from the one day side!

From a young age I’ve always been drawn to blonde men. Which is quite unlucky for my husband who is dark haired with blue/green eyes! I’ve never actually dated any blonde men as they are quite a rarity but I am now content to gaze from afar and appreciate their beauty!

My crush is so well known that today Amanda has just text me to tell me my boyfriend is on the grid at Silverstone before the grand prix starts. My mother will phone me and say “your boyfriend did well in the cricket today” if Stu has been taking wickets. My husband will shout “Your boyfriend is bowling”. I think its hilarious as all I did one day was comment on the fact the Stu is mighty fine. The rest has all been them!

I am embarressed about my little crush as Stu is so much younger than me! I can’t help it I just think he’s lovely. Although I was cross with him over his behaviour in the last cricket match which caused him to lose 50% of his match fee.

Hubs has told me its quite ok if I want to have a poster of Stu up on the wall! I can’t do that however as if I have a poster it means he will want a poster of one of his celebrity crushes and I will end up feeling insecure and jealous. I know pathetic isn’t it.

At least my love of Stu means I can now sit and watch cricket for hours without getting bored as long as theres a chance I will get a glimpse of Mr Broad.

Blessings xxx

2 thoughts on “Once I had a secret love ……

  1. I love that your secret is out!!

    I'm keeping my secret loves a secret for now, MY LIPS ARE SEALED….

    I'm curious to know who your hubs secret love is!

    My parents both had secret loves, they really weren't secrets at all, we all new that Charles Bronson was my mom's, she was sooo mad when he married Jill Ireland! It's not like she had a real chance, but my dad knew she would leave him like a hot potato if the opportunity ever came up! It might have been fun to have him as a step father! My dad had a real thing for Suzanne Pleshette, my mother wasn't concerned in the least! A little fantasy is good in a relationship, it keeps things interesting…


  2. My husbands secret love like most red blooded males I know is Angelina Jolie! He also like Denise Richards – Charlie Sheens ex wife.

    My dad has a thing for Sandra Bullock. Im not sure about my mums!



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