Blood Pooling

The blood pooling in my feet has been quite spectacular for a few days now. So I thought I would share a picture of my revolting tootsies! The left foot has been allowed to dangle for five minutes the right foot has been elevated during the same time. I would have tried to last a bit longer but my foot started feeling prickly! So now you can see the various colours my lower extremities go when not elevated.

5 thoughts on “Blood Pooling

  1. Hi Rachel .. can see your problems – hate to think what they're like when you have to go to the drs or hospital .. not fun at all .. I do hope you can find 'a cure' of some description and help. All the best – Hilary


  2. Hi Hilary,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I thought I would post the picture as its very difficult for people to get their heads around when I say blood pooling. I mean what does it mean to the average person…..for me before all this probably someone just moaning about nothing.

    Have some more interesting pics to post just summoning up the courage.

    Rach xx


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