Just a quick one!

Saw the Private Rheumy today £250! worked out at over £4 a minute!!!

I finally got my diagnosis of Ehler Danlos Syndrome Type 3!!!! In a weird twist of fate my sister also got diagnosed today. Its strange enough we both had appointments with Rheumy’s today but to get the same diagnosis BIZARRE!!

I am tucked up in bed and doped up to the eyeballs as every joint in my body hurts after doing my contortionist act for the Dr.

Sorry this is a short one but I am at the hospital tomorrow to see my POTS team. The journey will be horrendous as the Devon County Show starts tomorrow so our sleepy town will be gridlocked. We are leaving at 815am, the appointment isn’t until 945am! That’s how bad it will be.

4 thoughts on “Just a quick one!

  1. I'm happy for you! It looks like our paths have taken a similar route. MG, to EDS. In case you don't know, I met you on the Neurotalk board. I enjoy your blog.


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