Been without the Internet for 48 hours

As the title says I have been without the Internet for 48 hours due my husband our our neighbour P redecorating our spare room – actually hubs bedroom. My router is plugged in there so hence no Internet, it was OK no withdrawal symptoms! But I have had a few people worried with my lack of contact for which I apologise. It was a spur of the moment thing a new carpet needed to be laid and as all the furniture came out of that room it was decided that it should be redecorated. It hadn’t been touched since 2004 and it was looking awful. Due to the walls being a sort of mid blue, it took several coats of paint to get it to magnolia! I did a few little bits that I could do sitting down but I am paying the price now.

As I had suspected for a few weeks now my gastroparesis is entering a bad phase after having been pretty good since October 2010. I have started vomiting again not just feeling nauseous and despite taking anti sickness meds a few hours ago I have already had my head over the kitchen sink. Its a nightmare as quite a few of the drugs I am on need to be taken with food and I can’t even think of food when I am like this. I even struggle to drink because the thought of swallowing anything makes me gag. So I have taken myself up to my bed and I am not going to think about it for a few hours and hopefully it will settle.

Even though when I am at a peak of a flare and vomiting several times a day I have to remind myself that I have this very mildly. Some people have to be fed by tubes directly into their stomachs or they have to have pacers put it which electrically stimulate the stomach to make it contract. I am very lucky, yes its horrible to be sick but I don’t have this day in and day out. My stomach works in fits and starts some peoples stomachs have completely stopped working.

The last few days I have struggled to keep myself warm, I have been stuck downstairs whilst hubs and P have been decorating. Due to the small size of the house the contents of hubs room has been in my room which has meant no bed rest for me. Although I have bed rest everyday I had no real idea how much I needed it. Plus its where my electric blanket is so when I am struggling to maintain my body temperature I lie on my electric blanket. Body temperature is always an issue for me if I get over tired I end up shaking because I am so cold. My hands have been an interesting shade of blue for the last couple of days. I only ever feel warm if I am in direct sunlight or lying on my electric blanket. Hubs and I laugh and say I am like a reptile basking on a rock.

Hubs is home on holiday for the next few days he has gone to visit his family who live an hour away today so I am home alone. Its quite nice after the hectic pace of the last few days just to have a bit of space and not having to pretend that I feel better than I am.

There has been a problem with Blogger for the last few days, I noticed a problem Thursday night when I couldn’t access the stats page, today I have noticed some comments have disappeared and I have had to re- publish comments that have been authorised before. So if your comment has disappeared it wasn’t me! I am hoping that Google have sorted this out now. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

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