Unexpected hospital appointment

I really didn’t sleep too well last night and as a result feel shaky and out of sorts today. Last night I was so thirsty I downed 3 litres of fluid between 8pm and 6am. I do drink a lot but even for me that was pretty good going. I spent most of yesterday in a great deal of pain and the medication only took the edge off. I am just so tired today I don’t know what to do with myself.

I have a unexpected hospital visit tomorrow. The gastro clinic rang at 9am yesterday asking if I could attend an appointment on Thursday so I accepted. Apparently they have been so busy they have been opening extra clinics and running extended sessions. I am hoping I have been booked in with them and not a surgeon which happened on the last visit. Which was a waste of his time and mine.

I am now panicking about what to wear and finding the energy to shave my legs as it is more than likely that I will have to strip off for this appointment. I am also concerned about what sort of state I am going to be left in after the appointment. I am really having a tough time of it at the moment and I will be sitting upright and legs down for hours tomorrow.

I have to repeat the process again a week tomorrow as I will have my appointment with my POTS consultant or his registrar. So I will have just got over the first visit and will end up doing damage again.

I have told hubs that if I am cold I will be taking a hot water bottle with me. I have a small Russian doll hot water bottle that I will be able to smuggle under my clothes to keep me warm. Ellie got it for me last Christmas and I have to say its one of the best practical presents I have ever had. It gets used every day. Its nice and small so its light and easy for me to keep with me. It genius I can’t praise it enough!

I am stressing out that tomorrow they will tell me I have IBS as I am currently going through a good period with my tummy. I still can’t eat in the mornings, I feel full still from the night before. This is posing a problem with taking my tablets as they all have to be taken with food. This morning I bit the bullet and drank a glass of milk. I hate milk, I am surprised it actually stayed down, if I had been nauseous it wouldn’t have done. Luckily this morning I wasn’t feeling sick I just wasn’t hungry or interested in food.

I am still vomiting at least once a week that level of vomiting I can deal with. Last summer it got to the point where it was every day and a couple of times a day. I lost a stone in weight which was great! Now however the weight has all gone back on because I am able to eat again. Plus I am on the florinef and that makes me retain fluid, my weight can fluctuate daily by 7-10lbs.

I have managed to keep my weight pretty stable and the weight is water, you can tell by my ankles and hands getting puffy.

So lets see what tomorrow brings ….. watch this space!

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