update on the update on the hip saga…………..

You know sometimes I wish I never opened my mouth!

The hip had been OK for nearly 48 hours and now I am back to square one. Its so sore I don’t know what to do with myself whilst I am waiting for my cocktail of medications to kick in. Why its hurting so much I don’t know, I don’t recall doing anything to it that made me yelp.

Actually just having written this I remember being on the phone to Miss F a good friend and I was wiggling my legs around and I moved it too far to the left. It was hurting a little before hand but now its much worse.

The pain in concentrated just below the left buttock and feels like someone has just kicked me. I am lying on my stomach as sitting is just too painful. Please let my stomach work and let these pain meds work their magic.

I think I am going to have to resort to crutches to hobble around.


Update on the hip saga…….

So as you know on Monday night I managed to partially dislocate my left hip. More evidence for the case that I have Ehler -Danlos Syndrome, that’s another story.

I spoke to my GP on Wednesday to advise him of the Hip saga and to get his advice. He told me all that I was doing already was correct and that if it didn’t settle I would have to go and see him. I was a little annoyed that although my hospital consultant agreed that I should see the geneticist about the possibility of the fact I have EDS, my GP felt we should wait and see how I get on with the florinef. However when I suggested I pay for the appointment to the geneticist he was more than happy to do the referral. It comes down to budgets doesn’t it, if its NHS money that’s being spent, my diagnosis can wait. If its my money I am spending I can be refereed, the conservative party health care reforms have well and truly kicked in. We are back to the two tier NHS.

Why is it OK for me to pay, when he doesn’t feel a referral under the NHS is necessary at the moment? He told me he would prefer that I stayed within the NHS, but I can’t because at the moment I am receiving no care for my unstable joints and the pain they cause. Its also very important that I get a diagnosis so that my sister can get a referral and so can her son who is also showing EDS traits. EDS is a hereditary condition, my sister and I need to conserve our joints, we need to protect my nephews joints so he doesn’t get to the state we are in. Nobody seems to want to take any action. They are looking at the short term cost of referrals against the life long cost of treatment if they don’t identify what is wrong with us. We are actually trying to save the NHS money, preventative action is better than long term treatment.

My sister ran into someone with EDS and three children who had EDS and she took one look at my sisters scar on the back of her knee and said that’s EDS. My scar on my stomach is also wide and flat, like my sisters knee scar. The evidence is just overwhelming, so why is it down to me to pull this all together. Its crazy, that I am the one doing all the leg work?

All I have done for the last few days is sleep. Today I am running a low fever, but my hands and feet are blue with cold. Despite my rip van winkle impersonation I am still exhausted. I don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t want to be continually popping pills but I don’t want this gnawing pain in my hip either. Decisions, decisions…..

In agony!

I thought I would give you an update on how I am doing today after my adventures yesterday. It’s not good.

I partially dislocated my left hip last night, although it pinged back into place immediately after popping out, I think it has damaged the tendon’s and ligaments. I knew it wasn’t going to be a simple go to sleep and wake up with everything back to normal, due to the fact I couldn’t weight bare last night.

I ended up taking Tramadol, diclofenic and paracetamol and all it did was take the edge off. I couldn’t get comfortable in bed and ended up getting up at 2330. No position was comfortable so I tried to distract myself with sorting out some photographs to send to my grandmother and writing an accompanying letter. I’ve had about an hours sleep in the last 24, I actually don’t feel too bad but that could be the sheer amount of medication floating around my system.

As my GP doesn’t work Tuesdays I am waiting to see how I get on with the pain killers. If it doesn’t settle I will ring the practice and ask to speak to the duty Dr. I don’t want another sleepless night due to pain.

I have been trying to keep as mobile as possible so that the joint doesn’t become stiff and thus make the problem worse. However every movement is just amplifying the pain. So until I get the pain under better control I have gone to bed with my electric blanket on to keep the joint warm and I have a hot water bottle on the top of my thigh. Warmth is definitely lessening the pain, its just finding a position I can tolerate that is the issue.

Its the first time in a few years that I have popped a joint, well a big joint. Its usually my knee caps that I do – excruciating! My fingers and toes dislocate daily and spontaneously pop back in, that doesn’t actually hurt that much, its the big joints that do.

So fingers crossed I can settle the pain and try and see something on my husband on his day off. Frankie is on guard duty as he knows mummy is poorly! Fast asleep at the end of the bed.

Houston we have a problem!

Houston we have a problem and oh boy we certainly do! Its very unusual for me to post twice in one day and its nothing to do with the fact that I am only 5 views away from hitting 950 views of my blog. I started this in 2008 and up until February this year I had only 400 odd views! I take part in a movie blog fest and I am getting over a hundred views per month.

I would just like to take the opportunity to say hello to the person or people who keep stopping by all the way from Iran. I hope you found something useful or entertaining on my blog and you haven’t been repeatedly visiting me by accident!

OK back to Houston, I thought I would enclose a link about the now famous phrase before continuing…

This afternoon I was stranded on my bedroom floor for over an hour. Hubs was at work, I had gone upstairs for a rest. After my rest I decided to pluck my eyebrows as they had become a little like Dennis Healey’s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denis_Healey (just in case any of you don’t know who he is! He was famous for his extraordinary eye brows). To make the best use of the light I sat on the floor with my mirror on my bed. All was well until I went to get up and found I couldn’t move my legs and I had no strength in my arms. It actually made me laugh – weird isn’t it. Hubs wouldn’t be home for several hours and although I could have called my neighbour I didn’t fancy his chances against the dogs as they can be very protective when I am sick (well sicker than normal). I didn’t need the loo which could have been a big problem. So I did what any girl would do in this situation……I started plucking the stray hairs on my blonde moustache, I mean who knows when I would get such good light again and why waste the opportunity? Thankfully after an hour I could move again, but I just don’t know why I couldn’t move to get up off the floor.

Everything was fine for several hours and then I had just gone in the kitchen and bent down to get something and there was an almighty clunk and severe pain. My left hip had slid to the point of coming out the socket and then just slid back in again. This immediately sent my lower back into spasm with me screeching in agony unable to move. My joints have been a little floppy today, my ankles have been rolling over and my knees have been sliding around a bit too much.

 Hubby immediately started to apply his very hot hands to my lower back and gently massaged the area. I was in a state of shock normally he would panic, but he was so calm, he just kept applying his hands and then gently eased me up into a standing position. As I was hunched over the kitchen counter top. He stood directly behind me using his body as a support for mine. It was absolutely fine until he said “I hope no one can see us” as to a casual bystander it could look quite rude! I was in absolute fits and it was enough to make me completely relax the muscles.

So I am now tucked up in bed with my left hip throbbing and lower back randomly spasming. Electric blanket is on and painkillers have been taken. Yep I had to take the dreaded tramadol, if its still bad tomorrow I will contact the Dr and see if I can get some diazepam to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diazepam    to relax the muscles.

Sorry I have gone a bit mental with the wiki links at the moment!

Totally not with it!

My brain has decided to up sticks and take a holiday today! So if you see it out and about on your travels let me know!

I knew on waking today would not be brilliant I had that sinking feeling. My neck muscle are also on vacation, maybe they kidnapped my brain and they are holding it to ransom? Who knows?

No I haven’t lost the plot (completely maybe just partly) its just my eyes keep rolling in my head every time I move my head, which is then leaving me feeling spaced out. I can only type this as I a refusing to look at the screen. I will have to check once this is typed to see if it makes any sense at all. If I look at the screen its taking me a minute or so to get rid of the dizziness and be able to type again. Have a go yourselves and see if you can prevent yourself from switching between the two. Its something you do naturally and means you have to make a concerted effort to ensure that you don’t look up.

I made the mistake last night of getting the shopping delivered today, thought I would save hubs a job. Well transporting it from the front door to the kitchen has totally done me in. I live in a small terraced house not Buckingham Palace! I will be toddling off for a nap shortly.

Nothing much else to report today – really its bit of a non post. If I handed this is as an essay at school it would have in big red marker pen – must try harder or see me!

Must check now that I have used the right words and not the random ones my brain has chosen for me!


I’ve had a rough couple of days but I wont bore you with the details! I haven’t really been up to much at all since my post on Wednesday. That was a long night as I slept for only 40 minutes in 24 hours. I had a choice of not sleeping due to pain or not having any pain and still not sleeping. I chose the latter.

The weather has been glorious here and I have managed to get outside in the garden for 30 minutes or so. I have to be really careful in the sun as I burn in around ten minutes and with the antibiotics I am on for the HS makes my skin uber sensitive to sun. I have been going around in long sleeved tops and long cotton trousers. I don’t want to break my own record and be sun burnt in April.

I have been having one of those weeks where memories have been popping into my head at the strangest of times. Some of it has been to do with the desert island disc post as since writing it I have played all the albums. On Friday my Gordon Lightfoot one turned up, I tried to get hubs interested but he didn’t get it. He’s quite surprised that I like this kind of music!

 As he is mainly into rap and heavy metal it was never going to be a meeting of minds on the music front. We do have some shared musical taste, we both love Frank, The Beatles, Steps, U2, The Verve, James, Erasure, Brittany Spears and Katy Perry. Hubs is a closet Steps fan, often stealing the CD and playing it in the car on his way to work! Everyone laughs their heads off when he raves about Steps as he is normally into Pearl Jam, AC/DC etc.

So back to the memories, they have been about all sorts. Some good and some bad. I seem to enjoy remembering things where I have made mistakes and then beat myself up over it. Now I take a more positive approach when these memories jump in. Instead of dwelling in the emotion that they caused me at the time or shortly after I try and look at them logically. I allow myself to have made that mistake and tell myself it didn’t matter. The memories can be ridiculously stupid like making a minor mistake at work, my mind seems hell bent on making go through the emotions again. I am a bit of a perfectionist and don’t take criticism too well. Now I cut the memory off as soon as it starts and think about something else. I don’t know why I feel the need to subconsciously torture myself.

There have been happy memories also that have come to mind. Mainly to do with my family and remembering things about when I was growing up. We had a pretty idyllic childhood my sister and I. Where we lived had a large wooded area behind it and we would spend hours building dens or setting up treasure hunts for the other kids to follow. We knew no fear then, I don’t know if I had a child if I would be so comfortable allowing them to play in the woods without an adult present. Life has seriously changed and with the media images we are bombarded with  now every adult is a potential abuser. Its sad that kids don’t get the freedom that my sister and I got as kids.

Memories are more important to me than ever these days especially now more short term memory has taken a bit of a bashing. I was always really pleased with my memory before as for anything written it was pretty much photographic. I could retain a lot of auditory information also and recount conversations word for word. Now I forget the most basic things, did I take my medication? What time is hubs working until today? What day is it? Why isn’t mum answering the phone? God I have forgotten another birthday. I try all the usual tricks to get myself to remember things. People say write it down, I write it down and forget to look at the calendar! I have alarmed pill boxes, alarms set on my phone for when I need to take meds. The alarms go off, I switch them off and forget to take the medication. My mind no longer seems to hold onto information. I can become confused and disorientated very quickly. Its a kind of panic that creeps over you. I think it would be less frightening if I didn’t know I had forgotten something, if I was blissfully unaware of the situation.

I now view people with dementia in a totally different light, because at some point in their illness they felt the same panic I do. Not knowing what was wrong but knowing something was very wrong anyway. My grandmother told me a few weeks ago about my grandfather as his health slowly declined. He was in hospital and he was having a dementia test where he had to convert one shape into another. Gran told me he knew what he had to do but his brain wouldn’t unlock the information to allow him to do it. The frustration and fear were written on his face and she said she felt a sense of despair as it didn’t matter what she did she knew she couldn’t unlock that information for him either.

That’s how my short term memory feels, some days it works other days the information gets locked in a filing cabinet and I promptly lose the key.

 My long term memory is what I have now and those events come back clearly and strongly. They remind me of the person I was and the person I am still am despite the disability.

Desert Island Disc’s

For those of you who don’t live in the UK or for those of you who have never listened to Radio 4, you may not understand the title Desert Island Disc’s. This is one of my favourite Radio programmes and it would be amazing if I were ever invited to appear on this programme.

The idea for the programme came from a man called Roy Plomley in 1941, he came up with the idea as he was getting ready for bed one night. He presented the idea to the BBC who snapped it up. It was first broadcast in January 1942 with Roy as the presenter and this continued up until his death in 1985. The programme was the presented by Michael Parkinson for two years then it was taken over by Sue Lawley who presented from 1988-2006. It is now presented by Kirsty Young, who is excellent. It is the longest running factual radio programme in the world.

For more info on Desert Island disc’s use this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desert_Island_Discs

So the basic idea of the programme is that the guest is marooned on a desert island and they are allowed to choose 8 pieces of music to have on the island. At the end of the programme they choose their most favourite track out of the eight. As they talk about the music they also talk about their lives and why the particular piece of music means so much to them. The presenter also asks them questions, but it is mainly lead by the guest.

On top of the 8 pieces of music to be marooned with the guest is given a copy of the Bible or other religious text if they are not of the Christian faith. They are also given the Complete Works Of Shakespeare. Up until 1951 this was all the guests were marooned with, however Roy decided to relax  the rules and guests were allowed to chose a book of their own they would like to take and a luxury item. The luxury item had to be inanimate, so that would be hard for me no dogs allowed on the desert island!

If you would like to hear desert island disc’s the BBC has now put their entire archive of the programme on the Internet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Desert_Island_Discs_episodes this gives you a full list of who has been on the programme. If you type in desert island disc’s on google you will find mountains of information about the programme.

So here it is Rachel’s Desert Island Disc’s

This took me a few days to come up with the 8 tracks that I would be marooned with. A lot of my pieces have  a great sentimental value to me or have been important to me at some point in my life. I don’t know if I could exist on these tracks alone. So as I go through them I will try and give you some insight as to why I have chosen them.

1. “Red Hill Mining Town” U2 – The Joshua Tree 1987.

I like this track as you can really belt it out whilst singing to it. There are so many U2 tracks that I could have picked. In the end it had to be something from The Joshua Tree as this album had the most sentimental value for me.

In 1987 I had never heard of the Band U2, I actually acquired this CD for free. My parents bought our first CD player in 1987, god knows how much it cost but it came with 10 free Cd’s. My parents picked this one and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark plus 8 others. When they got home I searched through the Cd’s with my sister. I chose this one as mine, due to the moody cover shot and then The Joshua Tree was all my parents heard over and over again. It made a change for them from A-ha that I had been into until Morten Harkett announced his engagement I was devastated and could never quite listen to A-Ha again without a tear in my eye!

2. Dr Macphail’s Trance ’92 version, Capercaille -Get Out

I got deeply into Irish music after getting into U2. I love Clannad, Enya and the Pogues. Fairy Tale of New York would have been on this list, but I think it would have depressed me too much and  as its a Christmas Classic. Christmas is a time for family, on a desert island you wouldn’t want to be reminded of that.

This is a entirely instrumental track but its very catchy, I can hear it in my head now. I know that I was given 2 Cd’s by this band. I think they were given to me by a friend of the family who was really into Celtic bands like Capercaille and Runrig.

I find the track very haunting and on different days it can make me feel different things. Its a great track to write to as it lasts 8 minutes! So I could be accused of cheating as its practically double the length of all the other tracks I have chosen.

3. Sing- Travis- The Invisible Band

This song has a bit of a strange story behind it. I love the band Travis and those of you who know me are aware of the fact my first dog was called Travis. However he was not named after the band but a close friends grandfather. It was such a cool name for a dog!

Hubs and I went to Paris for a 5 day break in October  2001, we stayed in a really cheap hotel that was later turned into an immigrants hostel and then a few years later again it was on the news as it had burnt down to the ground and several people had been killed.

We really enjoyed the holiday. We walked everywhere due to the stunning architecture, we walked the length and breath of Paris. It was a really warm October, the food was fab and alcohol expensive but we really had a good time.

We had a small TV in our room and every morning before getting up for breakfast we used to put on MTV. They kept playing this song and at 7am Hubs decides to sing along, but not quietly. Within 30 seconds of him serenading me there were loud hammering’s from both sides of the room. Our fellow guests didn’t appreciate his musicality at that time in the morning. Now whenever we hear that song we think of Paris and fall about laughing! Happy, happy memories.

The whole Travis album reminds us also of travelling to Norfolk for our neices christening. We had a fabulous weekend at a four star hotel – it cost nearly as much as our trip to Paris for 3 nights! We played the cassette tape so much that we actually stretched it. As soon as we got home we bought the CD.

4. Bedshaped – Keane- Hopes and Fears

I’m not massively into music, my family is much more into their music than I am. My sister loves Indie bands. Due to her living at home up until around 5 years ago my parents are very trendy with their music as well. Mum and Dad have seen Suede in concert, The Beautiful South and The Charlatans – trendy enough for you?

My sister was the one that got me into Keane and its only this album. I have never listened to any of their other albums. This is actually my writing music I just love the lyrics. Its special as my sister introduced me to it.

5. Night and Day Frank Sinatra

I chose this track for two reasons, firstly a bit of Frank never hurt anyone! He was an amazing singer. Mum used to Play Frank Sinatra on the record player on a Sunday morning whilst she did the ironing in the dinning room. I remember her ironing away whilst belting it out, giving Frank a run for his money! It’s a happy childhood memory. My mum also liked Paul Young, Wham etc at this time, I just think Sunday was the time for ‘Ole Blue eyes!

The second reason I chose this song is the lyrics are by Cole Porter and I love Cole Porter songs. Mum used to play an album called Fred Astaire by Peter or Paul Skelton I think my memory isn’t the best. I loved the album and played it over and over. It was all the songs from the films like Tea for Two, Top Hat etc.
Burt Bacharach is another amazing song writer and composer. If I thought about this longer I may have dropped one of my other tracks for one of his!

6. The House of The Blue Danube -Malcolm Maclaren and the Modzilla Orchestra – Waltz Darling

My taste in music has always been very eclectic and always very different from my peers. Some of you may remember that this piece was used for British Airways adverts in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. I was absolutely obsessed with this track, we didn’t have the Internet in those days so it wasn’t a question of googling British Airways to find out the composer of the track. All in all it took me about 12 months to track it down. I am the only person I know with this album. It maybe over 20 years old but it gets dragged out every six months for some serious playing as the whole CD is excellent.

This track also got me into opera, I love Carmen and watched that recently on sky one with my hubby. I never in my life thought he would sit through an opera! I love Madame Butterfly as well.

I didn’t want my desert island disc’s to be a cliché as most of the rich and famous people who are guests on the programme have either all classical music or a few tracks of classical music. Most of the time if they are celebrities I have a smug smile to myself and wonder which member of their PR team or Management Company actually picked it for them! I do like classical music but it doesn’t extend much past the Nutcracker Suite or Moonlight Sonatas. So this track is my nod to the world of classical music.

7. Something – The Beatles – 1967-1970 box set

This was really hard to choose as I like so many of The Beatles tracks. If I was on Desert Island Disc’s I probably wouldn’t include a Beatles track as the thought of any royalties going to Paul McCartney makes me feel physically sick. I have never met the man but there is something about him I don’t like.

I was brought up listening to The Beatles, mum has a load of original EP’s and Dad has an original White Album – Vinyl. I had moved away from The Beatles when I met Hubby in 1997 and he brought back to me both Frank Sinatra and the Beatles. He played them both pretty much constantly. When he does karaoke he sings either Frank or The Beatles.

It was hard to chose the track as it could have quite easily been A day In the Life, Norwegian Wood, Across the Universe just to name a few. I just think the lyrics and the music are really haunting and just touch something in my soul.

8. If you could read my mind love – Gordon Lightfoot – If you could read my mind love

I love Gordon Lightfoot and this is an artist that my parents played on the old vinyl record player as I was a kid growing up. Its something thats just stuck with me. I can go years without hearing his music,( I owned a CD of his years ago and sold it at a car boot sale around 13 years ago and regretted it ever since!) and then suddenly out of nowhere I will hear a track and childhood memories come flooding back of my sister and I sitting in the back of the car, dad driving mum map reading, Gordon on the tape player. We would all be singing our hearts out to this track and many more. I taped him from sky recently and since then his songs have been stuck in my head. Just today I have ordered myself a greatest hits compilation from Amazon as I can’t go on without his music!

We did a lot of car journeys when I was a kid, many of them lasting ten hours or more so we got through a lot of music! The first Tracey Chapman Album reminds me of Switzerland as that is all we played when we drove there for a holiday. Simple Minds (can’t remember which album but I had it on vinyl) reminds me of France as we played it in the car when we were on holiday over there. Its funny how some music can just trigger memories.

So they are my desert island disc’s for now, give it a few weeks and I would probably change it again. It was hard not putting any Leonard Cohen on there. Its really weird as when we were kids my sister and I used to call Leonard Cohen music to commit suicide to! Now I really like it, I have to play it when I am alone now as hubs can’t stand him. A lot of my music choices have been influenced by childhood memories.

OK so now for the books, as I am not remotely religious I would have to ditch the bible, I’ve read it a few times and I think its a great way to live your life – some of it – not Leviticus. I don’t believe that a higher power created the earth in 7 days. So in its place I would like an SAS survival manual I think it would be a lot more useful. Bending the rules again, I have read the complete work of Shakespeare several times so I would like to swap that for the complete gilt edged Oxford English dictionary. I would read that letter by letter and never get bored. I love books like the Encyclopedia Britannica so I would probably choose a complete up to date set of these to take to the island.

So that just leaves my luxury, its quite easy if I can’t take my Hubby or the dogs it would have to be a never ending supply of cigarettes with matches. I am ashamed to say that is exactly the same luxury that was chosen by Nick Clegg when he appeared on the programme. However can I assure you that’s where the similarity ends!

I would also need the luxury of a limitless supply of paper, a pencil and pencil sharpener so I could jot down any ideas I have whilst waiting to be rescued! Although I have bent the rules so much I would have to smuggle these items onto the island!

So what would be your dessert island disc’s and why? I hope you enjoyed this post.