The Garden …..

Europas Pectinatus


Celosia Venezuela


I thought I would take the plunge today and see if I could upload pictures to my blog. It’s something I have never done before!

So here are pictures of two plants that we have potted up this week! Exciting stuff! I will add  a selection of pictures when the garden has more flowers at the moment this is the only real splash of vivid colour.

It’s not as warm today as there is bit of a sea breeze blowing. This is probably going to be the last day I will be able to sit outside for a while as tomorrow the forecast is for rain and thunder storms! Typical British summer really but then it is only April.

We have been sat in the garden today chatting to the neighbours. P&P chucked some hot cross buns over the fence for us to scoff! That was followed by two fab ice lollies a few hours later! They have been invited to next Fridays BBQ. We have brilliant neighbours, P&P are the people that helped us the day of Jays crash. I know day or night if I need help they would come to my aide. It’s nice knowing that with my family normally over an hour away.

 I haven’t eaten an ice lolly in over twenty years as I have a thing about the wooden sticks. I ate the fab lolly out of politeness knowing if I had a taste of the stick I could feign dropping it on the ground and letting the dogs eat it! I actually really enjoyed it and it appears that I have got over my stick thing! I’d like to try a magnum next as I have never had one of those!

Ma and Pa popped in again today. Dad said mum was too tight to buy a cup of tea at Budleigh Beach. I know that isn’t true they just like any excuse to pop in and I love them for it. Is it wrong to say you adore your parents and love their company? I hope not as this is how I feel about mine! Mum has no Internet access at the moment so she wont get to read this for a few days. Then she will get all emotional bless her. I can’t help it if I love my mum and dad! xx

We are hoping its nice next Friday for the Royal Wedding as we are having some people around to watch the wedding and then have a barbecue lunch after. We a going to make our own beef burgers and Thai Chicken burgers. I won’t be partaking in the burger fest as I am vegetarian, well actually I eat fish so not strictly vegetarian. So I am going to make some fish cakes for myself if I am up to it. If not it will be a frozen Mexican bean burger. Hubs is day off before so we can do a lot of the prep together after my Dr’s appointment – the one where I will have to beg to get a private referral!

Pain wise it’s bearable today, TMJ is playing up so its painful for me to open my mouth and speak – some husbands get all the luck. The pain, well some of it is my own fault, I don’t like taking tablets as I actually rattle when I walk, so I try to limit them, plus the more you take the less effective they become. The problem with this is you end up in so much pain that it gets difficult to get on top of it. So its a difficult dilemma.

 On a happier note the dogs were bathed today……….. and hubs! Willow was an angel


                                                            (her best angel face!)
She had her bath and no complaints! Mollie wasn’t too keen but allowed Hubs to get on with it.


                             (Mollie is the only dog out of all three who loves to sunbathe!)

 Frankie or Frankenstein as he is also known was a little demon and had to be chased around the garden with the hosepipe!


(Frankie with dumbbell and toilet roll tube in his mouth so the girls can’t have them, looking like butter wouldn’t melt!)

So what’s the bet that as soon as they get up on the common tonight they roll in something revolting now that they all smell of evening primrose!

4 thoughts on “The Garden …..

  1. Hi Rachel .. love the flowers – you could post pics from Wikipedia on your Passion Flowers ..

    Love the dogs pictures too .. I thought Willow was an expression of Myasthenia syndrome for your blog – my goodness me I hope you and others laugh at that .. otherwise I'm in the soup!! Not quite sure what sort …

    Glad everyone's been washed .. is it once a year??!!??!!

    Great neighbours .. I could do with those .. ice lollies – I don't like the stick either .. but frankly the lolly was the important bit.

    Wonderful you love your parents so much .. that's great to see ..

    I had thought it might be like 1976 and not rain til November .. but that looks unlikely .. hope the big day on Friday is a beautiful on .. I'm a royally as you can see .. going to a friend's street party – should be fun! Seeing as I don't get out often .. being around for my Mama ..

    Cheers .. and keep happy .. Hilary


  2. Hi Hilary,

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    Dog washing is done on an adhoc basis. Mollie is a bit of a roller particularly if its been deposited by a fox! When that happens it bath time.

    They tend to have a bath every few months in the summer time. Too cold and mean to do it in the winter! And yes Mollie rolled tonight!

    We have fab neighbours, they were our neighbours at our last address as well. Just by chance we are here together again, although they say that we are stalking them!

    Fingers crossed for a lovely day Friday. Hope you enjoy yourself at the street party

    Rach xx


  3. Rach, Great photo's!! Your flowers are so pretty.. Love the pup's. I lost mine a few years ago, I don't think I could replace her after 13 years.

    I think your relationship with your parents is fantastic. I too had great parents, I miss them very much. Everyday with them is special.

    Enjoy the wedding, it will be nice to share the day with friends.


  4. Hi Rachel,

    sorry I am a little slow in replying to your comment!

    I understand what you mean about losing a pet. When our first weimy died aged nearly 3 I said I would never have a boy doggie again. Then Frankie came back from the people we sold him too and I fell in love all over again.

    Its really weird but the boy doggies seem to really bond with me!

    I dread the day when I no longer have my parents. I can't imagine the feeling of not having them anymore.

    Rach xx


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