Another glorious day

Well its been another beautiful day here today. A few rumbles of thunder in the distance but thankfully nothing close enough to bother the dogs. They are complete cowards when it comes to loud noises, but it only seems to affect them when they are in the house. They are quite happy to walk past a firing range or firework display when they are out of the house. I can’t work out why when they are in the house it bothers them so.

Mum and Dad delivered to me 3 passion flowers today, one purple, one white and one purple and white, Hubs has potted the two for the back garden and will plant the last one in the front garden tomorrow. We have had a wonderful passion flower outside the house for 7 years but unfortunately two hard winters were just too much for it and it gave up the ghost. It was such a lovely plant and used for flower for months. We lost quite a few plants this winter, although it wasn’t as cold as the previous year the snow lay on the ground for well over a week.

On top of the passion flowers they delivered 2 loaves of bread and a packet of migraleve. Last night I had the most hideous migraine ever. It was actually worse than the one I ended up in hospital with in 2009. It was one of those that had a really slow build all day. I really didn’t feel great all day yesterday and I had a bit of a headache, the headache was manageable in fact I didn’t even take any painkillers for it. Then by 2330 last night I couldn’t stand any light or any movement of my head. I knew I needed to put a hot water bottle on the back of my neck. This was a trick my family GP told me to do years ago as she said migraines make the blood vessels in your neck clamp down, by placing heat on your neck it makes them open back up again. I have no idea if this is correct all I know is it works for me.

There was no point shouting to my husband to try and wake him up as he had a fan going in his room and he wouldn’t have heard me. We sleep in separate bedrooms and have done since 2007 when I first became ill. Mainly because my sleep patterns are so erratic sometimes sleeping, sometimes having insomnia, sometimes wracked in pain. He also snores very, very loudly so its just easier if we sleep apart. It is essential for both of us to get the best quality sleep we can and by sleeping in separate rooms we can do this.

So I had to text message him! My room was pitch black and using my phone burnt the back of my eyeballs with the light, but I knew I couldn’t lift my head up or I was going to be sick. It took only two text messages to wake him – pretty good going! The first one had my request for a hot water bottle the second one I just sent a blank message, I just wanted the noise to wake him up. It did the trick and a hot water bottle was quickly brought to me. Its amazing what you can use to wake someone up these days!

Oh the relief a hot water bottle brings! I could then get the anti sickness meds down me as I could sit up. Hubs had got them out for me but I just felt too awful to take them. I then managed to get some sleep, it wasn’t great quality sleep as I was having strange dreams. I kept dreaming that I was awake, that one really bugs me as when you wake up you don’t know if you have been asleep or not. I sleep with the radio on and that helps me work out of I have been asleep. I see if its the same programme I thought I had just been listening to, that way I know it was a dream that I have been awake.

Today I was left with a bit of a migraine hangover. However I am confused if it was a migraine as my neck has been very weak all day and I have had to wear my neck collar as I can’t hold my head up. My neck feels like its being compressed, like there is a weight sat on top of my head pushing my neck into my spine. It sounds strange I know, it feels very painful. The headache that I have had today has been relieved when wearing the collar and comes straight back when I take the thing off. So was it a migraine last night or a pinched nerve causing the headache. I don’t think I will ever know. I just have to be grateful for the fact that I got some relief.

In fact hubs has just been sent to get me another hot water bottle as the pain in the back of my neck / head is starting again! Luckily he wasn’t asleep this time and a simple shout was enough to get his attention!

I’ve now got two days with hubs being home which will be great but after the week he has had I imagine he will sleep for a good few hours over the weekend. It never bothers me letting him sleep as he works hard at his job, looking after the dogs and then looking after me. Its an exhausting job being a carer so when he gets the opportunity to sleep he grabs it with both hands!

 At some point over Easter I want to go and visit a friend of mine who has really bad MS. She lives in a nursing home and she is in her forties. MS has left her paralysed and virtually blind and deaf. I think that I have problems and then I remember JG and count my blessings.

So to all my followers and readers wishing you a happy Easter, Passover or what ever you want to celebrate xx

2 thoughts on “Another glorious day

  1. The passion flowers your parents brought sound lovely. I've never grown them in my garden. It has been raining heavily here in NJ on and off for days. My lawn is in desperate need of mowing and mt flowers beds need to be cleared for spring planting. I hope the weather improves soon!

    I'm sorry to hear your headache was so bad, migraines can be horrid. I love that you used texts to wake up your hubby! I do the same thing to call my sister if I need help, it's not as bothersome as a bell!

    Happy holidays to you and your family…



  2. Hi Rachel .. sounds horrid – but I can't say much else.

    That's wonderful that you'll go and see JG .. MS is an awful disease too ..

    Your husband sounds like a saint!

    I hope you can get some peace and relief .. go well – Hilary


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