update on the update on the hip saga…………..

You know sometimes I wish I never opened my mouth!

The hip had been OK for nearly 48 hours and now I am back to square one. Its so sore I don’t know what to do with myself whilst I am waiting for my cocktail of medications to kick in. Why its hurting so much I don’t know, I don’t recall doing anything to it that made me yelp.

Actually just having written this I remember being on the phone to Miss F a good friend and I was wiggling my legs around and I moved it too far to the left. It was hurting a little before hand but now its much worse.

The pain in concentrated just below the left buttock and feels like someone has just kicked me. I am lying on my stomach as sitting is just too painful. Please let my stomach work and let these pain meds work their magic.

I think I am going to have to resort to crutches to hobble around.

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