Pain again and other things……

I am in so much pain today it feels like I have been trampled by a horse! I can honestly say excluding my toes every joint in my body hurts today. From the base of my skull downwards it hurts, it hurts to move it hurts not to move. I am exhausted with the pain I am in. I slept really well 9 hours but it was interrupted due to really bad night sweats. I was awoken by my pelvis and lower back screaming at me. When the pain is like this I actually feel 3 inches shorter than my 5ft 9in! I feel like my spine is being compressed.

I am holding off the painkillers at the moment as I know tramadol stops me sleeping but at this rate I am going to have to give up and risk not sleeping tonight. I haven’t even bothered with paracetamol as it will do absolutely nothing to my pain levels. Its on days like this I wish I could take something to knock myself out so I could sleep through the worst of it.

My plan of action at the moment is to try and distract myself from the pain by catching up on emails, blogs and the like, But even that is becoming difficult.

The good news is Dr J my new GP is ringing this morning so I can update him on how Thursdays appointment went and see if he has any ideas regarding pain relief and the like. Hopefully I will be able to update you with some good news.

The weather continues to be glorious and very warm for this time of year. I managed to sit outside for an hour or so yesterday. A blackbird has decided to make my neighbours house his song post and its lovely. Every morning I get to hear his full repertoire! Next door have blue tits nesting in their bird box so they keep having a little look into our garden. They have a go at some quite wonderful acrobatics on my washing line. I am now thinking about getting a bird feeder put up. It needs to be in a safe place though a} so the dogs don’t eat its contents – its happened before and b} somewhere the cats cant terrorise them.

I love this time of year when its starts to get warmer and brighter it really lifts my spirits. I am just waiting for the house martins to come back. They come back in a big group and spent several days flying over the housing estate doing a roll call checking everyone has arrived back safely! The saddest part of the year is when they all come back to the housing estate for a couple of days before they venture off again. I know then that the winter is coming and the long nights and cold days will soon be back. We also seem to be in the flight path for Canada Geese, and my my they are noisy when they fly over twice a year!

I just need to kick hubs into action and get some plants for my decking. We lost a lot of our patio plants this winter due to the snow. So my decking is full of  empty plant pots! The strange thing is my strawberries have gone mental sending lots of shoots off everywhere. Where I can I have tried to get them into pots with some success. It would be nice to have a crop of strawberries this year that we could actually eat – Mollie our eldest dog swiped all the strawberries last year. The weird thing is she waited for them to ripen before eating them!

5 thoughts on “Pain again and other things……

  1. Hi Rachel .. can't say much – 'cept I hope you sleep.

    Love the way you're looking out to take your mind off things (a little) – the blackbirds are amazing aren't they ..

    I hope you can get some rest and relief .. and good news re the doc -'cept you have to drive there ..

    Look after yourself .. cheers Hilary


  2. Hello Hilary,
    Unfortunately the curse of tramadol strikes again! Pain free but no sleep!

    Luckily the dr is great and tries to do as much as he can over the phone. I explained to him today as he is a new GP that at present I really can't do the sitting in my wheel chair or standing and hes fine with that.

    I love bird watching where we live we get such a wide variety. In fact until I moved to this part of Devon I had never seen a pheasant, now I see them everyday! I see woodcocks, long tailed tits, yellow hammers, dartford warblers and a wood pecker has taken up residence in a big tree a street away. Every morning you can hear him hammering away. I am such a softy when it comes to wild life!

    Its amazing what you can see when you just take the time to look!



  3. Hi Rachel .. I hope something helps soon .. it's gloomy up here .. I'm in Eastbourne .. whereabouts are you in Devon? I've been to Cornwall three times this year – but to do things re my Mama .. so dash down and back – she used to live in Pz. Cheers Hilary


  4. Hi Hilary,

    I'm near Exeter on the coast.
    Gloomy day here today its raining!

    Did finally manage to get some sleep but it wasn't quality sleep.

    Devon and Cornwall are equally lovely. Thats a long way to dash down and back again.

    Hope you and your mum are ok



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