Constant State of Panic

I feel at present like I am in a constant state of panic / anxiety over everything or nothing. I don’t seem to know what is triggering it. I am a natural worrier but I have to be honest I am not really concerned about anything. However the signals from my body seem to be telling me different.

I know POTS can mess up your hormones so maybe its messing up the amount of adrenaline in my system? It is making me unsettled, anxious, shaky and my heart is just racing. Its not a panic attack as I am not convinced that I am going to die and I’m not hyperventilating. I just well its really hard to explain I feel constantly on edge.

I do naturally spiral things out of control in my head and go for the worst case scenario. With the car crash and dealing with the insurance company I convinced myself they wouldn’t pay out. I managed to talk myself around and realise this wasn’t the case. Yes that did trigger some anxiety, I now seem to have got myself into a pattern where I am becoming anxious over stupid things. Turning on the computer – why on earth be anxious about that? Getting the post? Having friends over? Am I anxious or am I just becoming aware of POTSY symptoms when I do these things? Its uncomfortable to live in a state of fear but having no idea why its happening.

Some days are better than others, today is not a good day.

I think I will post on the forum today and see what answers I get from my fellow potsy sufferers. Its driving me insane and wipes me of the very little energy I have.

One thought on “Constant State of Panic

  1. I think my body may be in a similar state, although i hope its temporary. Started a couple days ago, im in my last year of University and have a few weeks to go, girlfriends breaking up with my, and my body has gone into survival mode. heart always racing, over alert, dont feel hungary (the thought of eating makes me feel sick) but I make sure to feed myself none the less, feel adrenaline pumped like I could run a mile. Hopefully it will end when I feel I have regained some sort of control. But at the moment, like you, I keep thinking of worst case scenarios


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