Constant state of panic part two

Well my friends on the forum have come up trumps again. I am not going nuts nor am I suffering with some sort of anxiety disorder. Apparently this is normal potsy stuff.

They believe (and as they actually live with this condition and my flare up coincides with hubs accident) that the accident has triggered my stress hormones that we potsy people don’t respond normally too. The hormones are the fight or flight ones and it seems I may have got myself into a vicious cycle, my body is refusing me to allow me to calm down by continually bathing my system in stress hormone.

Potsy people or people with autonomic nervous system dysfunction can produce too much of the hormone or none at all. They can also release the hormone at odd times or when the body no longer needs it as the threat has passed. Noradrenaline and adrenaline are the stress hormones I am talking about. Pots has a lot to do with the bodies responses to Noradrenaline. (the fight or flight response)

Its actually made me feel calmer knowing that I am not alone in this and I have the people on the forum I can go to if I need help. I didn’t think it was just anxiety as there is nothing that I can say yes that’s a trigger. Its very bizarre.

I can tackle this in two ways either chemically or try and resolve it naturally. I would like to not go down the medication route if possible and try and resolve it naturally. The best cure is for me to try and get as much sleep as possible and to try and do some meditation or yoga to send the calm down vibes to my brain.

Medication would involve a beta blocker which could leave me feeling worse as it could lower my already low blood pressure leaving me open to fainting spells.

So for now as I have been sleeping most of the day due to the sheer exhaustion of being on edge! I am choosing the sleep option! I have some meditation CD’S and I will make time to play these everyday to try and get on top of this.

Thanks for listening.

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