Woke up at 730am this morning to the world service announcing the Tsunami warning. I came around very quickly and rushed down stairs to see the footage on the television. It doesn’t matter how many times you see the devastation caused by a Tsunami it just never seems quite real.

I remember the boxing day Tsunami and seeing the footage then and my brain not being able to fully understand what my eyes were seeing.

I have a couple of people that I know in the area where the earth quake took place and in the path of the Tsunami. I have been trying to get messages to them to ensure they are safe.

I have been following twitter and the BBC to find out what is going on.

My thoughts are with all of those affected by this disaster.

Makes the last 6 weeks of my life  with all the upheaval since the crash seem quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

I am so lucky to have my friends and family.

6 thoughts on “Tsunami

  1. I didn't turn the telly on this morning, so I've only just heard about this. How awful. I do hope you're friends are alright.

    Only yesterday we were talking about how precarious human life is at work. I reminded people how humans are just dots on the planet and mother nature is the true ruler of our planet.

    My prayers are with all those affected.


  2. Hi Ellie,

    I have managed to find out that the people I know are all ok. They felt the earth quake but they were well away from the epi centre.

    Its pretty horrific viewing, still can't get my head around it.

    Didn't realise that was my 50th post!


  3. Hi Rebecca .. it does seem absolutely awful .. and so many loved ones will have been lost – dreadful even contemplating it .. I hope your friends will be alright .. and will be able to recover their lives somewhat …

    As you say puts our life into perspective regardless of our own struggles .. look after yourself – Hilary


  4. Thanks Hilary, yes it makes you realise not to sweat the little things.

    Its really awful in Japan, I monitor twitter and they are just finding more and more bodies as they search the coast.

    Have a good weekend


  5. Hi Rachel .. sorry got the R right – the rest slightly wrong .. & I don't like doing that .. ?!

    I actually hate to think how many are going to be found dead .. many many many I fear .. I just hope they didn't suffer and it was quick.

    With thoughts – Hilary


  6. Don't worry Hilary, all my life people have called me Rebecca or Clare telling me I don't look like a Rachel…..whatever they look like!

    I'm just very pleased you read my blog and take the time to comment.

    I think like you that the death toll in Japan will just climb and climb. There are some places they haven't even reached yet. Its utterly horrific.

    It will take years for the country to recover, some people say the worst is over yet for some of the survivors I fear its only just begun.



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