Just a quick post to advise those of you who read my blog of a series of nasty computer viruses that are destroying laptops and PC’s. Four people I know have had their computers destroyed by these viruses in the last 7 days. None of them were in email contact with each other so we don’t know why their computers were targeted.

One of the viruses will  turn your screen a vivid blue and tell you in red text that you have a virus and ask for your credit card details to clear the virus – it demands a fee of sixty dollars. Giving them your credit card details will enable them to empty your account or max out your card . It will block your access to the Internet by freezing the computer.

The other virus repeatedly opens your word documents without your consent and will steal all your passwords. It then corrupts all your files and any memory sticks you have plugged in at the time. It will also block any searches you make online when trying to get rid of the virus

The problem with both these viruses is that they are Trojans and the security software is just not picking them up. Its getting through firewalls, malware programmes etc. The people I know who have caught the virus are PC savvy and don’t go onto random unsecure sites. They had all the correct security measures in place and still got hit.

We believe the virus maybe being transferred from one infected computer to another by infected email attachments. Particularly those powered by adobe.

Things you can do to help yourself:
Don’t open emails with attachments
Email any important documents you have saved, to your own email account. That way if your computer is wrecked you still have those documents via another computer.
Create a system repair disc
Create a file back up on  removable storage – disc or usb memory stick

To create a system repair disc or file back up go to your control panel and go into security and maintenance. Both file back up and system repair disc will be n the menu. Click on either of these and your computer will talk you through what to do. I’m not at all computer savvy and I can do it!

I hope this helps

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