sorry its been a while

Quite a few things have happened in the last few weeks and to be honest I have just been so completely and utterly exhausted I have found no time or motivation for either my blog or writing my novel.

Insomnia has been a really big issue since hubby’s crash. I’ve always suffered with it maybe just two nights a month usually around my period. The insomnia now is turning into a 2-3 times a week. I don’t mean tossing and turning and having a little light sleep, I mean full on wide awake all night. After two hours of failing to drop off I end up getting up and watching programmes I sky + earlier in the evening. On the up side I don’t work so being like a zombie the next day doesn’t matter, but it makes me feel so ill. One day this week I slept from 2pm until 8am the following morning after the previous nights lack of sleep.

Insomnia is a lonely business, you can’t ring anyone, you have to creep around the house for fear of disturbing anyone else. Thank god for facebook as I have quite a few chats with friends all over the world. Its awful you feel so tired but something won’t let you drop off. You beg for your body just to give in……but it doesn’t.

I don’t think the stress of insurance claims, late cheques and solicitors has helped matters at all. I have to be honest it hasn’t been something I have been consciously worrying about. Its just been a lot of hard work. Over 5 weeks I think I must have spent 40 hours on paperwork. The sad thing is I don’t have the energy to waste on it. The housework has come to a grinding halt. Hubby with his back and me wandering around like a zombie are not a good combination. Everything needs pulled out and dusted down. Just the bare minimum gets done. I hate it. It makes me feel guilty, I don’t work and I can barely manage to look after myself let alone my injured husband.

My Postural orthostatic tachycardia behaved itself until we put a deposit down on a replacement vehicle. It was like all the things that I had to keep going for had been removed and I came down with a crash at the start of this week. To top it off I have an ear infection and a skin infection and today was placed on two different courses of antibiotics.

I saw my new Dr today and he seems very nice but I reserve judgement. I have found a lot of Dr’s who seem very nice but actually do very little for their money. I was impressed today however that swabs were taken to ensure I was on the correct course of antibiotics. At my old practice they wouldn’t have bothered.

Dr Y sent me a letter of apology a few weeks ago, it wasn’t very apologetic. He couldn’t tell me why he didn’t bother to ring me, it was human error. I wanted to write back was it human error on the other two occasions? But my hands are tied. He will be involved in writing the report for the insurance company as he is my husbands Dr. So for the time being I have to put up and shut up. Safe in the knowledge I will never have to use that surgery again.

Hubs is slowly healing. He is now under the care of a chiropractor. He has severe acute damage to L4 – in fact its still got a nice purple bruise marking the disc. He has also damaged several vertebrae in his neck. He is only working 3 days a week at present as he is struggling to complete a full day. Next week he moves to 4 days a week. He still can’t kneel as his knees are too painful.

So what happened to the two louts who caused this spiral of events? One pleaded guilty in a magistrates court and was found guilty of taking a car without consent – stealing! and driving whilst having 74 micro grammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35 micro grammes. He got 200 hours community service, banned from driving for 20 months ordered to pay £85 costs and £300 compensation to my husband. I doubt we will ever see the money. If he doesn’t pay he can end up in prison.

The second lout decided to plead not guilty. He had his trail setting court date this week. So we are waiting to hear from witness support as to when Hubs will have to appear as a witness for the prosecution.

Considering the impact these two have had on our lives I think they have got off pretty lightly. We are still picking up the pieces and will do for months to come. Hubs is still nervous driving and I am still going out with him whenever I can as I get very anxious when he drives anywhere.

At the moment I would just like one day where we aren’t having to deal with car insurance, solicitors , hire cars or anything else for that matter. It just seems never ending at the moment.

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