A little set back on the bumpy road to recovery!

After writing my blog entry last week the worst happened! Hubs was out walking the dogs when he slipped and fell. Landing on his multicolored knees and jarring his back. After a stern talking to from my father – his father in law, he realized that if such a small incident could set him back so significantly the idea of returning to work was a ridiculous one.

So Hubs is home again, probably until Monday. His GP has advised that hes sees an osteopath. Hubs has been in so much pain since his tumble. Plus on Saturday night I noticed that he is also bruised on his back so more photographs were taken.

Hi knees are becoming less bruised but it seems to be really taking a while to go. The bruise on his back is right over his spine and is a lovely dark purple. Its about  3 Cm long and 2 Cm wide, but then the bruising goes out in about a 10 Cm diameter in green and yellow. Its amazing how many injuries he has that we didn’t notice on the day of the crash. Probably due to the adrenalin and the stress of the situation.

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My formal complaint regarding Dr Y has been acknowledged and they assure me that they will get back to me in 2 weeks with a written explanation as to why Dr Y didn’t ring.

Dr J has accepted me as his patient and I have been filling out various health questionnaires and my family’s medical history. I have a couple of quite nasty allergies so it has been important to ensure the new practice is aware of those. CT contrast dye is one of my worst and the last time it was administered it was pretty frightening as I got very short of breath and my face was covered in hives and my lips and face swelled. Not that it is likely to be administered at the GP’s!

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My recent reading list:

I have read quite a few books this year so far, for which I am proud of myself. I seem to read lots of books and then take a break from reading which could be up to 6 months. Then I am back reading again.

My favorite book has been A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. Its a true story but reads like fiction and it covers James’ time in rehab at the age of 23. He is so severely addicted to alcohol and every drug known to man kind, that he doesn’t know if he can do it. He feels that he would just be better off dead than disappointing the people that love him. I have never cried like I have cried reading this book. Its so brutally honest and explores the relationships that James has with parents, authority figures and fellow addicts. I enjoyed the book so much I went straight onto Amazon and ordered My Friend Leonard by James Frey. Leonard is a character we meet in A Million Little Pieces. So I am very keen to get started with that one.

I have also read some war time diaries of Mary Berg who lived in the Warsaw Ghetto – Poland. Her family only escaped due to the fact her mother was American. She started the diary aged 15 and wrote until she was 19. Her diaries were so compelling that they were used as evidence against some of the Nazis who persecuted the people in the ghetto. It is one of the only first hand accounts of life inside the ghetto during the war. Its a tough read not due to the writing but the horrific events depicted in the diary that were happening all around her every day.

The Paper Chase by Marcel Theroux, is a small book more of a novella than a novel, which I have also read this last week. I loved this book for the twists and turns, plus it is also about Mycroft Holmes Sherlock’s brother. Its intriguing  and i don’t want to say anymore for fear of spoiling the story!

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