On the road to recovery

Just thought I would update all of you who have been following my blog since 28th January 2011.

Hubby will be going back to work tomorrow against my wishes as I don’t feel that he is fully ready for 9 hours on his feet. He has promised me he will see how it goes and if he feels he can’t stand around all day then he will get signed off.

The bruising on his knees has gone down  a lot,  but his right knee cap is still an interesting shade of purplish / black. His neck is still sore when turning it to the side and every so often he moans that his back is sore. However if he feels he is fit enough to return to work……… I have developed selective hearing and make no comment. It falls on deaf ears anyway.

We are still in limbo land at the moment with regard to the car as we are waiting for various documents to be returned to us from the DVLA before we can forward them onto the insurance company. They wont release the cheque until they have all the documents. Luckily we have the courtesy car until 7 days after the the cheque is sent to us. But it still puts its under pressure for sorting out a car.

Not that I can get hubby interested. I am going to moan here and I know he had a terrible accident. But if it hadn’t been for me no paperwork would have been completed, solicitors and insurance companies spoken to. I get cross because no one runs around after me when the chips are down. I know through experience if I don’t do it, things don’t get done. I know damn well it will be me that finds our next car. Frankly I could quite happily throttle him. Its probably because we have just spent two weeks together and I am used to being alone 5 days a week for at least 9 hours a day.

Don’t get me wrong I love him to bits and I am really thankful that he walked or shall I say limped away from the accident, but Mr Proactive he isn’t!

The stress from all of this is affecting me quite badly. An unknown / undiagnosed (has been for 2 years) skin condition has erupted all over my body, much worse than it has ever been. Leaving me crusty and bleeding. Its not itchy just uncomfortable. I am back clenching my jaw day and night which has flared my TMJ. I have had to start sleeping with my mouth guard back in. Last night it seemed to make me snore! So I kept waking myself up. My tachycardia is also playing up and I think I experienced on Tuesday night my first ever adrenaline surge.

That was the strangest feeling ever, one minute fine the next minute consumed with a feeling of impending doom, agitated, breathless (but not hyperventilating) just a feeling that something was seriously wrong and I couldn’t get away from the feeling. I have to be honest when I have read about this on POTS forums I have always laughed and thought some of the people on there are hypochondriac’s. Well I am sorry I ever thought that and I wish to god I could take that all back.

I guess its like any illness, unless you have suffered with it you have no idea. One persons perception of their condition maybe completely different from a fellow sufferers. It made me remember not to judge some one until I have walked a mile in their shoes. An excellent saying that I think we could all do with living by – myself included!

3 thoughts on “On the road to recovery

  1. Hi Rachel .. I hope that things sort themselves out .. even in normal circumstances life would be difficult – your husband's health is the most important .. because that will see you through ..

    My thoughts and just do what you both can to look after yourselves .. Hilary


  2. Hi hun,

    I didn't realise Jay was back tomorrow. I'll remind him to take it easy, though I'm sur everyone else will do as well.

    The skin rash sounds horrid. At least it's not itchy, which is something I suppose.

    Big hugs.


  3. Cheers Guys, Jamie's not going back to work now as he fell whilst walking the dogs on the common.

    Slipped on the mud jarred his neck and landed on his knees. Made him realise that he isn't as good as he thought he was.

    Blessing in disguise I think!



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